The COVID-19 crisis is having an alarming effect on Australians’ mental health.

New research by the University of Melbourne reports high levels of mental distress across the ‘general population’ has doubled since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is an especially worrying trend emerging for a large and important sub-group of Australians: that being parents.

It’s a profound moment when we realise nearly 4 in 5 Australians say their mental health has deteriorated since the COVID-19 pandemic began, starting with the feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion which is what we are here to discuss today.

To do so we welcome our special guest Tina van Leuven, a Tina is Joyful Soul Business Coach, Abundance Mindset Mentor and International Bestselling author with over 30 years experience.


We ask Tina questions including:

  1. How can parents minimise stress?
  2. How can we support Fathers and the mental distress they are under?
  3. In tip #1 you mention that everyone has their own way of recharging. Can you explain further?
  4. How can the art of gratitude and appreciation help families during this time?
  5. You talk about asking your body what it requires. What are some questions to ask and how do you train yourself to hear the answers?
  6. In tip #4 you share what may seem like a strange question… ‘Who does this belong to? If it’s not mine, return to sender.’ Can you expand on this?
  7. Why should couples be writing their bucket list with top 100 new or different things to experience now?


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