Back in 2010, I knew a little about essential oils. I knew that tea tree was helpful for its antibacterial properties, lavender was soothing to the skin and eucalyptus was helpful for anything chesty.

When my little one developed eczema as a 4 month old, despite buying over a dozen different moisturisers, nothing seemed to do the trick. And when I researched the ingredients in the moisturiser that I was slathering on my little one, I wash surprised and shocked to discover that many of the ingredients were potentially harmful to his health!! Skin irritants, potential carcinogens and hormone disrupters! What?!

So I made a very simple moisturiser with shea butter and some essential oils. Lavender and tea tree. It worked beautiful and really soothed his itch. I was pretty pleased with my simple DIY that did the trick!

A couple of years later I bought a little essential oils starter kit – not knowing any more than I did before about them. I was intrigued but it did sit on the shelf for a year or so until a healthcare professional suggested Frankincense essential oil would be helpful for our son.

So I dug a little deeper and found that the other 9 oils I bought were helpful for so many every day things!

I could start to replace items in my home easily as well as have the on-tap natural first aid kit that I’d been moving towards anyway. I started to clear out my medicine cabinet and simplify it with these essential oils and a few other bits and pieces. Easy!

The top 6 essential oils that


We use this versatile oil for scratches and scrapes, bites, and help to sleep and calm. Makes a lovely sleep spray to spray on bedding before sleep and fabulous to soothe tension. An absolute staple!

Tea Tree

We also use this one for scrapes for its antibacterial properties, for cleaning (makes a 50cent all-purpose spray to replace EVERY other spray in your house!), for sniffly noses and Springtime windy days causing itchy and runny noses and eyes (together with peppermint, lavender and lemon).

Speaking of lemon….


Ah, the smell of sunshine in a bottle! Fabulous for getting sticky goo off glass bottles and other cleaning purposes, for a delicious lemon slice or avocado dip, diffuse for energy and ‘zing’!


Ooh this one packs a punch! A hot oil, it’s super important that you dilute this one with a carrier oil (like jojoba) before using topically. That said, it’s a fabulous one to support your immune system and when food grade, one drop is enough to transform a pasta dish into something extra delicious.


This one is such a fabulous oil too – I use it for tension, Springtime to clear the sinuses, with water in a spray bottle to deter ants, and for an energy lift with lemon. Together with frankincense and lavender, it makes a wonderful tension reliever or when the tummy is feeling a little funny – whether diffused or used topically with a carrier oil. Food grade essential oil is wonderful in a bliss ball or peppermint slice, or to make your smoothie super special!


With beautiful anti-inflammatory properties, we use this one to soothe tension, calm the body and mind, and for worries and sleep. With its reputation as the ‘King of Oils’, we use this one together with orange and lavender for an OMG scent which lifts our spirits immediately! (In fact, I’m just going to pop 2 drops of each in my diffuser this second!) It’s wonderful to support the immune system together with tea tree, lemon and oregano.


So if you’ve used essential oils before, you might have some different must haves to mine. I’d love to hear your top 5. And if you’re new to essential oils, visit to find further resources and ways to get you started on your essential oils adventure today.


“Melissa Raymond is a researcher, mum and physiotherapist based in Melbourne. Having helped her son no longer have to deal with eczema, she helps parents frustrated with the old approach to eczema with a safe and supported way forward for a healthier future. Sign up for her free 3 day eczema training via her website


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