Tonight I took my Son to the hospital with a very high temperature.

As he was burning hot, the first thing I did was strip him and administered Panadol as per directions. As a single Mum it was terrifying, I hadn’t felt anything like it this before.

My son was shaking which scared me and reminded me of my youngest Brother when he suffered febrile convulsions, as that was exactly what it looked like to me. Seeing my Son go through this is one of the hardest things I had to see little did I know that wasn’t the end of the “battle”.

When we arrived at Emergency his temperature was 38.8, which is high but not dangerously high.

I was trying so hard to keep calm but couldn’t help myself,  I broke down in tears. As a Single Mum you realise how alone you are and that there is no one to comfort you.

“This is it” I felt, I have to go through this on my own. 

I couldn’t contact anyone for support. It was 10.15pm.  I gave my details to the ED Clerk. This process seemed to take forever and time seemed to have stopped still. 

The lovely Nurse who saw me and my Son in the ED took us through to the waiting room in the Paediatric department.

In there were three other parents waiting with their children. It’s incredible how, with little to no words how, you can bond with other parents who are in a similar situation, we are all concerned and a little scared.

One Mum was very helpful, she showed a Father and I how to work the TV. In these moments it is the little things we do as parents to help each other out that can give some comfort.

I offered some support to a Mum who was sat opposite me. She was alone with her baby and also did not have a partner there to support her. She was sent out of the room while Doctors and Nurses worked on her baby,  I see her pacing up and down the waiting area.  I mouth to her “are you OK?” offering another sympathetic look just to let her know that she isn’t alone in this awful situation. 

Soon after we sat with the nurse and she took my Son’s temperature. By this time my Son had started to perk smiling being his active self. 

The nurse explained the high temperature was a result of “Tachy” (Tachycardia refers to a fast resting heart rate).

Later the Doctor came in to see us and ask what is wrong with him.  After giving his symptoms the Doctor replied saying temperature doesn’t mean the virus is anymore serious. I told him, I was more concerned about the Temperature and what could happen from there.

The Doctor told me my Son looked fine and ‘active’ to him,  making me feel a little stupid. “Yes “ I said, “he may be active now however he wasn’t when I brought him in or half an hour ago”

The Doctor told the Nurse to print me out a fact sheet!

A fact sheet, can you believe.  I was horrified. I didn’t see the Doctor again, the Nurse completed one final check and told us we can go home. 

What did I learn from this?

If something doesn’t seem right with your child seek medical attention.  It is only the parent/care giver who knows their child/ren.

I know, for me, I would have much rather checked than left it too long. I much rather prevent something before things could have gone horribly wrong.

Moral of the story: don’t let any Doctor make you feel silly for seeking medical treatment/ assistance.

As a parent, it’s your peace of mind that matters too!

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