Newly arrived at Kaleidoscope are Manhattan’s gorgeous new range of books specifically designed for newborn and up.

The range starts with the Wimmer-Ferguson Baby Zoo Book, which utilises the contrast of black and white to attract and stimulate infants. The stylised shapes introduce babies to the concept of simple images and is a great newborn baby gift.

There is a range of companion toys featuring Wimmer-Ferguson inspired images and with features that engage visual, audio and tactile senses. Stimulating multiple senses will increase baby’s memory and connection to the book.  The crinkle animals featuring a tiger, monkey or zebra match the images in the book and are easy to grasp and take on outings.

The new plush Dinosaur range includes the book ‘Sleepy not Sleepy’, a simple story of Chomp the little dinosaur who needs to go to bed. Bright colours and a familiar tale will engage little one’s attention. The cuddly plush dinosaurs, Chomp the Stegasaurus or Hunter the T Rex, add a companionable tactile element to story time.

A Mermaid’s ABC provides an early introduction to the alphabet with a beautiful under the sea theme. The textured plush creatures that feature in this range provide a great conversation starter for animals in different environments. Arlo the Narwhal, Winnie the Whale or Juneau Jellyfish have sparkles like the sun on the ocean and feature in this out of the ordinary ABC book.

The introduction of simple easy to understand books at an early age provides a basis for early development of reading by teaching the basic elements of a story and how a book is read.

Babies learn how a book is read, the parts of a book and the structure of a story. They can relate words to an image and enjoy the rhythm, rhyme, alliteration and humour within the story.

Picture books develop understanding of colour, shape pattern and stylised representation of real objects.

For further information on the Manhattan range and to view our other educational brands, check out the Kaleidoscope website at .

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