Speech and Language. What’s the difference?

As a Speech Pathologist, one of the first things I would often discuss with families during assessment or when starting intervention is the difference between speech and language. This is a very confusing topic for many parents, but one I… Continue Reading >

What to Look for When Using for Education Apps

Parents must be sure that the software they pick and download for their children is actually effective. They may utilize a few tactics to ensure that their youngsters are learning and using their time effectively. The following are some of… Continue Reading >

Never Too Young For Music

  Parents often question the validity of enrolling an infant into music classes asking, ‘Isn’t my child too young?’ Music is a Language Instinctively, we don’t wait until a child can speak before we talk to them. We immerse them… Continue Reading >

How many words should my child be saying?

As a paediatric speech pathologist the question “how many words should my child be saying?”, or “should my child be talking more?”  is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions I hear from families. There is often a lot… Continue Reading >

Too Busy to Read to your Child? Try these tricks

by Susan Taylor Reading aloud to children from a young age every day is so important for many reasons. Not only is it a great bonding experience, but it helps grow their language and communication skills, boosts imagination and creativity,… Continue Reading >

How To Talk To Your Kids About Covid

By Dr Sandy Hopper   Let’s not sugar coat it; a pandemic is scary and even more so for children exposed to negative headlines throughout social media. There’s no doubt COVID is slowly making its way through our community, but… Continue Reading >

Early Communication Activities

As a speech pathologist working with children I would often discuss the difference between communication and speech with parents, families and carers. Often there is a misconception that a child needs to be talking in order to communicate. The truth… Continue Reading >

We are different, we are the same: Tangible ways to teach young children about diversity

Our culture influences how we live, how we engage with the world, and how we express ourselves. Multiple studies have shown that how a child interacts with their parents, community and media can shape their perception and sense of belonging…. Continue Reading >

How to Answer Kid’s Big Questions

by Dr Kirsten Hunter https://www.kirstenhunterauthor.com   We are our children’s mentors, their teachers about life and their champions in finding a way through life’s challenges. The big questions in life are going to come from your child’s lips to our… Continue Reading >

How Music Benefits Our Child’s Brain Development

As adults we’re all aware of the joy of music. Whether it’s singing along to the radio as we drive, celebrating while you worship or belting out your band’s favourite tune when you see them play live, it’s embedded into… Continue Reading >