The dreaded back to school is just around the corner! How are you going to cope? What are you going to do to make this year different? Organise, take advantage of sales and priories those lunchboxes!


Yearly organisation!

 Use sales and Christmas to your advantage. Your child will need a bag, lunch box, drink bottle, possible snack containers, hat, shoes, socks, uniform, books, contact, pencils and assorted stationery.

Check what your school does for a book pack to work out what else you will need to get. If Nanna asks what the kids want for Christmas, a cool backpack or lunchbox might just be the ticket to save you time and money.


Lunchbox organisation!

 Getting organised for lunches makes your week easier!

– firstly check what restrictions your school may have in relation to peanuts, other nuts and egg.

– plan your lunch boxes before you do your shopping for the week so you grab enough fruit, popcorn, yoghurt and cheese to last!

– Freeze your sandwiches. Yes, you heard right you can freeze sandwiches – Vegemite, Vegemite & cheese, ham & cheese, Devon & cheese, jam and honey! Just make sure you wrap the sandwich up well and give them a try!

– pack the lunchbox the night before and store in the fridge ready to go!

– once a week or fortnight dedicate some time to baking some homemade goodies. Most things you can wrap up well and freeze like muffins (savoury or sweet), banana bread, scrolls and cookie dough!


General organisation!

  •  Get a few days worth of school clothes ready in a dedicated area. Many people have utilised the school lockers or just book/toy shelves to transform an area into an organised point for clothes, shoes, bags and books.


  • Have a dedicated spot for kids to put their notes and make sure you look there. If you have younger ones you walk them through the routine so they will eventually do it on their own.


  • Check if your kids of homework or readers and help were needed, this will save the last minute panic on the school run.


There are some great Facebook groups around focusing on school lunches and mum organisation so look around and join any that may be of interest to you.


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