At this time of year, there is so much to get organised for kids for the new school year!

Mums of kids with allergies also have a heap of other items that they need to get organised such as action plans, medication for at school, epi-pen bags and so on.

I’ve created a handy checklist so that you can pop all of your kid’s names on it and keep track of what you still need to get. You can download a copy for free here to use for your family.

I also wanted to give you the link you’ll require to download blank forms to get your actions plans filled in at the GP. I always recommend you take one with you. I’ve been caught before where I needed a new one and my GP didn’t know where to get the form because our allergist had always done it.

You can get blank action plans for anaphylaxis and asthma here to take to your GP.


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