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Naomi, BBus Bachelor of Business Management (Honours) is one of the 4,560 women who gave birth to multiples in Australia in 2011. Passionate about all things multiple (twins, triplets and more!), Naomi is the founder of Twinfo.

After having twins, Naomi realised there was a gap in the market for resources, advice and services that were aimed specifically at the families of multiples.

Twinfo was developed to provide the connection between service providers and parents, plus acting as a resource hub for information, expertise, knowledge and advice.



Twin Dads

Being a dad to twins is just as hard as being a mum to twins. You may not have had to go through the birth yourself – although you were likely in the room for it. You may not be… Continue Reading >

10 reasons to keep your twins and multiples in the same class, and 10 reasons to separate them!

To separate twins and multiples at school or not is one of the biggest decisions multiple birth parents face when their children start school.   Obviously in some cases the decision is taken out of your hands, such as if the… Continue Reading >

Post-natal depression in fathers of twins or triplets

Caring for twins and triplets can come with an increased risk of developing post-natal depression, not only for mothers but also for the fathers as well. When caring for multiples it puts a lot of additional pressure on the parents…. Continue Reading >

Christmas Tips when you have Twins or Multiples

It’s Christmas.  Again.  Why it takes me by surprise considering the shops have Christmas decorations on sale from October I do not know!!   It just seems to come around faster every year! I love Christmas, so don’t get me wrong…. Continue Reading >

5 Tips for Buying Christmas Presents for Twins or Triplets

We all know that one of the best things about Christmas is watching the delight on their faces as they open their presents.  One of the best things about Christmas with twins or triplets is the fact that you have… Continue Reading >

Returning to work after having twins or triplets

Returning to work after having a baby is always a task that parents dread. The thought of leaving your babies and spending hours away from them at a time can be difficult and it is a decision that many parents… Continue Reading >

NICU and Special Care units for twins and triplets

When you find out you are pregnant with twins or triplets, there is a world of emotions that you go through feeling. It is completely normal to feel all these different emotions at once and not all of the emotions… Continue Reading >

Sex After Twins

Let’s talk about sex, baby! It may not be something that is on your mind straight after giving birth, however it is a conversation that will need to be had at some point in the months following the birth. It… Continue Reading >

5 ways to stop twins and multiples sharing germs

People often dream of having twins that share everything!  But the one thing you don’t want them to share is germs.   How can you stop them from doing this – particularly when they are prone to taking each other’s dummies!… Continue Reading >

Beach with Twins

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? Taking your babies to the beach is a great day out. There is a bit of prep that you need to do before hand to ensure that you have a stress free… Continue Reading >

Surviving the Terrible Twos

OH the terrible twos! Everyone tells you about them, they warn you for what is to come and you think, its fine – I’ve got this. Then they hit! It can be a lot more than you bargained for. For… Continue Reading >

Bedrest when pregnant with twins or triplets

With a multiple pregnancy there can be increased risks of complications involved. Because of the increase to the risk of these complications, there are many women pregnant with multiples that end up on bedrest at some stage throughout their pregnancy…. Continue Reading >

Dad of Twins

A lot of the time people ask how mum is doing after having twins or triplets, which of course is perfectly fine and needed as they have gone through a huge transition and a lot of changes are still happening… Continue Reading >

Crypthophasia – twin talk

Have you ever been around a set of twins and watched the way that they interact with each other? It can look like they are using their own little language to speak to each other than no one else can… Continue Reading >

Sleeping arrangements for twins or triplets

One of the main concerns many parents have when they take their twins or triplets home is what they should do in regards to the sleeping arrangements of their little ones. Should they go into separate cots? Bassinets? Let them… Continue Reading >

7 reasons why people may fall pregnant with twins or triplets

Are you pregnant and starting to freak out about the thought of having more than one baby in your belly? Or excited about the thought of potentially having more than one baby in your belly? It is definitely a time… Continue Reading >

Tips for spending one on one time with your newborn twins or triplets

Having twins or triplets will bring so many different emotions into your life, some you have probably never felt before. It is such an exciting, stressful and full on time in your life. You have to double or triple EVERYTHING… Continue Reading >

Toilet Training

When you have multiples there is so much that you can do with both (or all three) of them at the same time or together, same outfits, starting daycare together, first hair cut and so much more. However, one thing… Continue Reading >

Fostering individuality in Twins, Triplets and More

Matching outfits, matching haircuts, matching bedrooms. It is hard not to make everything matchy matchy when you have a gorgeous set of twins or triplets. Sometimes it might even seem like you have one child when everything is exactly the… Continue Reading >

Can you successfully cloth nappy with twins (or more)? Yes!

As an expecting parent to twins, you are probably overwhelmed with all the options for the different baby items out there and which ones to choose. Cloth nappies verse disposable nappies have been a hot topic lately and you may… Continue Reading >

How to stop twins and multiples biting each other!

Before I start, let me preface this with it’s not just twins and multiples that bite!!  It’s a stage that a lot of toddlers seem to go through.  But for a lot of multiple birth parents, it’s extremely frustrating when… Continue Reading >

TWINS AND MULTIPLES – 5 tips to help you cope

Did you just find out you will be having twins, or triplets or more???  If so, congratulations!!!  Your life is about to change, and to be honest, it won’t all be easy.  But it isn’t also going to be as… Continue Reading >

Setting up a Nursery for Twins and Multiples

  Congratulations!  Not only are you expecting a baby – you are expecting more than one baby!!! It is perfectly normal to take a while to get over the shock of finding out you are expecting twins or multiples.  Before… Continue Reading >



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