We all know that one of the best things about Christmas is watching the delight on their faces as they open their presents.  One of the best things about Christmas with twins or triplets is the fact that you have double the joy, or even triple the joy, of watching them open their presents.

The big dilemma when it comes to buying toys for twins or triplets is should you get the same same toys, or same but different toys or totally different toys?

Here are 5 tips from Twinfo for buying Christmas presents for twins or triplets.

1.      Do they have their own colour?

Some families always make sure little Robbie always has blue and little Tommy always has green.   If they do have their own colours, then you can apply the “same but different” rule.  This only works of course if the various set colours are available.

2.      What do they like?

Let’s face it, if one is CRAZY about Bluey, and the other is mad about Buzz light year, then there is no point in buying both of them a Bluey toy.  Just because they are twins or triplets doesn’t mean they will be interested in the same thing!

3.      Are their multiple components?

Some toys are just perfect for multiples!  Things like Duplo, train tracks or farm animal sets are ideal as you can buy each child a separate set which, when combined, gives them double (or triple!) the fun.  Remember, they don’t need to be an exact match.  You can get one a toy port-a-cot and the other a toy high chair for their dolls for example.

4.      Joint presents.

Usually I am against buying joint presents for multiples, but big ticket items, such as trampolines or swing sets are the ultimate joint present for multiples.   These are also a great one (if you are comfortable) in asking Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents to chip in as well.

5.      How old are they?

There is no point buying the exact same toy for each newborn baby. If they are of toddler age they are still learning to share, and if it is going to be a super popular toy in the house, then one each is best.  The downside of buying the exact same toy is they often will not know whose is who, so they will fight over it regardless.

Some extra tips from Twinfo for surviving Christmas with multiples

A top tip from Twinfo is that if you have bought the same, or even the same but different, present for each child then you need to be crafty in getting them to open them at the same time so the surprise is not ruined for one of them.    And whatever you do……………don’t forget to have the right batteries on hand if the toy requires batteries.  There is nothing quite as crushing as multiple children crying because they want to play with their new toy, but they can’t as there are no spare batteries!!!

Remember, Christmas isn’t just about presents – presence is far more important.  So, while I know you want to take photos, try to refrain from scrolling Instagram in between openings. Use this time to revel in their excitement and spend time playing WITH them and their new toys.  Hopefully you may even have some extra helping hands around who can help look after your multiples, giving you and your partner some much needed down time together.


You can read more tips on how to survive Christmas with multiples HERE.

Twinfo would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Twinsmas and a multi-tude of good wishes for the New Year.