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Multifaceted, passionate, and skilled all describe Damon “DaRil” Nailer. With hundreds of speaking engagements and many published works under his belt, Damon is known as a “Renaissance Man”, Inspirational Communicator, Gift Guru, and Authority/Expert who provides direction, inspiration, and education to a variety of audiences. Mr. Nailer possesses a wealth of knowledge in the following areas: educational, entrepreneurial/business, religious, entertainment, relationships, leadership, and parenting. Currently, he serves as a consult-ant, author, speaker, and parent educator.

As a result of his experience and expertise, he has been featured over 200 times in various media outlets, including The Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Thrive Global, Goalcast, MSN, Yahoo, Yahoo Finance, Redbook, Insider, podcasts, radio/TV shows, magazines, newspapers, etc.



The Fun of Fathering

Fatherhood?  Fun?  No, this isn’t a joke. Believe it or not, fathering can be fun when you develop a certain perspective. In this post, we want to explore 3 attributes that will bring joy, excitement, and success to your fathering… Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Show Love and Care to Your Children

Parenthood means everything to me. I love, love, love being a father. To make things even better, I have been serving as a parent educator for a few years now, and this has been an absolutely awesome journey. Because of… Continue Reading >


by Damon Nailer   Intrinsic Motivation is internal, meaning it comes from within and can be generated without any assistance. Typically, leaders, independent, assertive, and aggressive people possess intrinsic motivation. This is because in many cases, they don’t have anyone… Continue Reading >

Thought Management

Believe it or not, there is an explanation for our thought patterns and ways to manage them.  We are going to answer three questions that will help us to understand thoughts and how to control them. What causes negative thoughts… Continue Reading >

Clear Communication

Communication is one of the most vital components for establishing and sustaining both personal and professional relationships.  So, what exactly is it? It is formally defined as the action or process of sending (talking, texting, emailing, mailing, transmitting codes/symbols, using… Continue Reading >

4 Ways to Empower Your Child

  Give your child choices– Who does not like to have choices? Right? You can begin the process of decision making at a very early age. I always encourage parents to select several items that they find appropriate, and then… Continue Reading >

The Greatness of Gratefulness

Gratitude is the best attitude. Being thankful and grateful for the little things in life brings about a feeling of contentment and satisfaction. It significantly reduces worry and stress, enabling us to maintain peace, joy, and happiness. We must make… Continue Reading >

Keeping Your Cool

Is it important for a parent to stay calm when having to face an emotional child? Yes. It is critical for parents to remain calm when dealing with an emotional child for several reasons. First, two highly emotional individuals typically… Continue Reading >

The Importance of Self-Care for Parents

By Damon Nailer   Oftentimes as parents, we feel as though we must be all things to our children- parent, counselor, cheerleader, provider, protector, and the list goes on. What makes matters worst is if we don’t consistently fulfill all… Continue Reading >

How To Succeed At Personal Development

By Damon Nailer   With the new year, many are strategizing and formulating what is considered personal development goals for 2022.  So, what is personal development?  Personal development, which is also known as self-work or self-growth work, encompasses learning and… Continue Reading >

Working Smarter Not Harder

By Damon Nailer   Working smarter, not harder means you find the most efficient methods for accomplishing your goals and completing your tasks. You are able to eliminate extra or double work. Here are some suggestions for working smarter instead… Continue Reading >

Working a Job vs. Owning a Business

Is it better to work a job or own a business? I would have to respond with a resounding “Yes” in support of owning a business. Let’s examine the areas of income, autonomy, and potential. Income A full-time job will… Continue Reading >

Drafting Your Dream Team

Assembling a winning team is essential to the success and sustainability of any group, company, or organization. As a result, it is critical that a leader recruits a diverse, complementary group of individuals who will form a productive, effective leadership… Continue Reading >

The Power of the Pub

From the letters P.U.B., we can form 4 powerful words that are relevant to any business or brand- public, publish, publicity, and publication.  Creating a publication or being featured in a publication allows you to accomplish all of these.  When… Continue Reading >

Imaging Your Identity

Your identity is who you are intrinsically and internally. It is the real you. Establishing, solidifying your identity involves two processes. First, you must know your core values and allow everything you do and say to emanate from these pillars… Continue Reading >

Rules for Resiliency

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, toughness. This characteristic is critical for today’s children because they are being exposed to so many traumatic events and challenging circumstances. These occurrences are making resiliency become an even… Continue Reading >

The Effects of Empathy

Empathy is the ability to share and understand the feelings of another.  It involves placing yourself in someone else’s shoes. From this vital trait stems 3 additional critical elements. Emotional Regulation Those who are empathic are not only well acquainted… Continue Reading >

3 Critical Branding Concepts

Innovation When people think of an established brand, one of the first things that comes to mind is its uniqueness and creativity.  To establish ourselves, our companies, and our organizations as reputable brands, it is imperative that we set new… Continue Reading >

Voicing Your Vision

Oftentimes in the world of entrepreneurship/business, you hear the term “vision” and the phrase- you must have a vision. So, what is a vision? A vision is a pictorial representation (visual image) of a culmination of plans, goals, and actions…. Continue Reading >



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