From the letters P.U.B., we can form 4 powerful words that are relevant to any business or brand- public, publish, publicity, and publication.  Creating a publication or being featured in a publication allows you to accomplish all of these.  When you publish or are published in some form of resource/media, your information, product, and/or service are disseminated to the public or the community, society.  Once this occurs, you receive publicity, which is public attention, awareness, or acclaim.  Have you ever been featured in print media or would like to publish your content in some form?  I hope your answer is a resounding “yes”.

I want to share some of the great benefits that come with any form of publication creation or publication appearance.

Publication Creation

  1. Establishes you as an authority/expert- When you publish a book/eBook, blog, vlog, newspaper, or magazine, you become known as the expert on the various topic(s) and content that you present. This creates the opportunity for interviews, features, and speaking engagements, equaling more publicity and possible income.
  1. Creates a tangible product- Creating a book/eBook, blog, vlog, newspaper, or magazine provides something that is tangible for your audience. This gives them the ability to access your materials repeatedly.  Additionally, they can share it with others, thus serving as free advertisers.
  1. Gives you continuous engagement- When you release a publication, especially one that you publish regularly, it gives you a chance to constantly interact, connect, and receive feedback from your audience. This causes you to maintain a good level of visibility.
  1. Forms a stream of income- Publishing a book/eBook, blog, vlog, newspaper, or magazine forms another stream of income for you. Wherever you go, you can sell copies of your publication, whether it is physical or digital.

Publication Appearance

  1. Increases your credibility- Being featured in a publication gives you more credibility because someone besides you is validating what you do, especially if you obtain major features. Some people say the proof is in the pudding.  I say the proof is in the publication.
  1. Provides expansion- It expands your audience because you are tapping into the publication’s audience. This is very critical when it comes to being featured in major media outlets.  One good feature can grow your fanbase and clientele exponentially.
  1. Generates exposure- You get to showcase your products, services, information, experience, and expertise (platform/brand). The publication’s audience can get a real taste or feel for what you do, which eliminates guess work.  This really helps you to gain interested customers and potential clients.