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Similar to Adrenal fatigue or burnout, Stress related exhaustion disorder (S.R.E.D.) seems to be the latest emerging health crisis we are now facing after a global pandemic.

As a Practitioner specialising in stress, anxiety disorders and Adrenal health, I am seeing more and more individuals presenting to the Clinic with a myriad of seemingly unrelated symptoms.  What most people don’t realise however is stress affects every single organ system in the body!

Our bodies are able to cope with an occasional burst of the hormone Adrenalin during a short, stressful period.  On the opposite end of the scale – prolonged periods of high stress can wreak havoc with our health, so I would like to share with you 8 little known facts you need to know about S.R.E.D.

Fact no. 1

Over 10,000 scientific publications have reported that high stress levels have increased recently by a whopping 82%.


Fact no. 2

Fertility issues – acute stress shuts down reproduction for at least 24 hours until the stress is gone!  Stress lowers sperm count and testosterone in the male and lowers Oestrogen, Progesterone and FSH in females, plus anovulation often occurs.


Fact no. 3

When it comes to stress biochemistry, signs of increased levels of Prolactin hormone often manifest as decreased libido, as well as low mood and depression.


Fact no. 4

Weight gain – our Thyroid function slows right down during periods of high stress, which in turn slows the body’s metabolism (this is because the Thyroid and Adrenal glands are intrinsically linked).

Fact no. 5

Sweating, palpitations, generalised fear and anxiety are common signs and symptoms of an overproduction of stress hormone (adrenalin) is coursing through the body, contributing to a frayed nervous system.


Fact no. 6

Low levels of the ‘feel good’ hormone Serotonin may lead to feelings of emotional instability, low self-esteem, low depressive mood and sleep disturbances.  Poor sleeping habits are commonly seen in patients with S.R.E.D. as stress destroys our natural circadian rhythm.


Fact no. 7 

The symptoms of magnesium deficiency such as headache, fatigue, muscle cramps and tension are almost identical to the most common symptoms of stress!


Fact no. 8

It makes you old!

Chronic stress causes accelerated and premature cellular ageing by increasing oxidative stress and crp (inflammatory markers).

The good news is it is possible to heal from Stress related exhaustion disorder incorporating a holistic approach. Many Clients obtain relief with what’s called a low dose naturopathic medication that is safe to consume alongside other traditional drugs as it has no known side effects, in conjunction with some simple self-care practices such as mindfulness and meditation.


Natasha Zervaas N.P.

Green Secrets Holistic Health

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