Your Journey to Healing

Your Journey to Healing

I’m not afraid to admit that there are a few things I’d do differently if I had my time of being pregnant again with my boys. Actually, from the time before we were ready to start a family.

We learn how to do this ‘life’ thing as we’re living it and we do what we know as best at the time. To share this information with you allows my lessons to make an impact on others.

  1. Pre-conception health. The importance of this cannot be underestimated – and both parties involved in conception.
  2. Awareness of my body and its ability to birth in relation to anatomy! I used the Pink Kit with my second bubba and it was completely different (as a VBAC), I felt completely empowered and in control.
  3. Reducing my exposure to ElectroMagnetic Fields – aka EMFs.

EMFs are emitted from many things, including phones/smart phones, tablets, computers, modems, baby monitors, wireless security cameras, air-pod headphones (yes the list goes on).

EMFs were MUCH less of a concern at the time it was 2010 (pre “smart” phone for me), but I was studying before, during and after both pregnancies. My laptop sat – as it suggests it should be used – on my lap for at least a few hours each night. It REALLY shouldn’t be called a LAP top!

I had no idea that these EMFS from my laptop were going straight into my little eggs PRE-conception, and then into my little bubbas right through them growing in my tummy.

That’s a LOT of radiation.

However, there’s already enough Mumma’s guilt and it isn’t productive, so I have made peace with that.

When we know better, we do better, right?

As a result I made it my mission to learn more about EMFs to protect my family as much as I can.

What I have found so far has been concerning…

No Safety Testing for Children

Like many other known health concerns like the link between smoking and lung cancer, and asbestos and mesothelioma, these conditions can take years…decades to begin to show up into forms like cancer.

Are you willing to wait decades for the accumulative effects of EMFs to effect your family?

Research has already clearly demonstrated that harmful EMFs induce a stress response in our cells, which leads to oxidative stress and inflammation [1,2,3]. Long term effects of stress response and inflammation lead to chronic health diseases.

Combine this with other known facts:

  • Embryos and foetuses undergo rapid cell division to grow
  • Children have thinner skulls than adults
  • Children’s brains have a higher water content than adults
  • Children’s brains absorb significantly higher levels of radiation than adults

However, there has been no safety testing for children and the use of devices like iPads and iPhones.

Evidence of safety is different to no evidence of safety…

No evidence of harm is difference to evidence of NO HARM.

In places like France, they utilise the Precautionary Principle – using caution when effects unknown – until there has been adequate research to demonstrate safety.

In France it’s illegal to give a mobile phone device to a child under the age of 7.

Did you know that the current safety testing for mobile phones has been conducted on SAM, a plastic dummy head filled with liquid that represents a 6 foot 100kg male?

Is this adequate for yourself or those you love?

Pre-conception exposure to EMFs has a role to play too.

Several studies have shown that use of mobile phone in men is associated with a reduction in sperm concentration, motility, abnormal morphology and viability, leading to difficulties in conceiving [4, 5]. How many men do you see keeping their mobile phone in their pocket all day?

Difficulties falling pregnant is a common struggle I see amongst friends and family and it is devasting.

What Can You Do to Create Healthier Spaces For Your Family?

It’s so important to minimise exposure beautiful children’s exposure to EMFs, with remote learning, increase in device use, Smart homes and wi-fi available everywhere.

Empower yourself with the right information on how you can reduce EMFs in your own home create a healthier space for a thriving family – or thriving family to be. While we can’t reduce our exposure to harmful EMFs completely, there are a few simple actions to start to reduce exposure immediately.

Choose to make where and how you live a conscious choice.

  • Turn your modem and wifi off at night
  • Minimise device use in your children – and yourself
  • Keep devices out of your sleep spaces
  • Use a battery operated clock as your alarm and not your phone

Knowledge is power. Once we know better we can choose how we respond for the health of our families.

What simple changes do you choose to make today for a healthier future?


Dr Melissa Raymond is a researcher, mum and physiotherapist based in Melbourne. For health and wellness, she’s the research nerd so that you don’t have to be! When her son developed severe eczema, Melissa was determined – and successful – in helping her son no longer have eczema. Through her programs ranging from Eczema to EMFs, her mission is to help parents with simple and step by step strategies to create healthier futures for their families so they can thrive. Sign up for her free training via her website,


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