The magic of Christmas is truly here and no doubt you began to love it even more since you become a parent for the first time, it really does come alive in children. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of Christmas but there are so many wonderful moments to be had and memories to be made.

Just incase you haven’t started already I thought I would share with you all some fun and simple ideas for Christmas traditions you can enjoy with your kids.

  1. Advent calendar: A family advent calendar is a great way to get your kids excited about Christmas (it also stops them asking every five seconds how long it is until Christmas). You can buy one or make your own, there are lots of different ideas out there. And don’t forget you don’t necessarily need to fill your calendar with chocolate. You can use small treats like bubbles, balloons and pencils or even little notes instead.
  2. Letter to Santa: I remember every year as a kid sitting down and writing a letter to Santa with a list of presents I wanted that year. The bonus for parents here is that it also gives you a list of gift ideas for your kids. And did you know you can also send your child’s letter to Santa through Australia Post and they will receive a reply? Well you can! Just pop the letter in an envelope with a stamp on the front and your return address on the back and address is to: Santa North Pole 9999. Post it at an Australia Post outlet and your child will receive a reply from Santa himself!
  3. Christmas tree: Ever since our son was born we’ve had a real Christmas tree. We head to the local Christmas tree farm on the 1st of December and walk up and down the rows of trees until we find the perfect one. Then hubby cuts it down himself and we take it home to decorate. Even if a real tree isn’t your thing decorating any type of Christmas tree is lots of fun! Make a night of it with your kids, play some Christmas carols and have a picnic for dinner under the tree.
  4. Elf on the Shelf: It might make some parents cringe but I love Elf on the Shelf and can guarantee your kids will love it too. Some people go all out but it doesn’t have to be that hard, keep it super simple and just hide your elf in a different spot in your house each day. It’s also a great sneaky tool for managing your kid’s behavior, ‘don’t forget elf is always watching!’
  5. Christmas book: Each year we buy a new Christmas book (they always have them at the shops this time of year) and we read it to our son every night before bed during December. You’d think after 25 days he would get sick of it but he never does!
  6. Charity gift: It always nice to remind kids that Christmas isn’t all about just getting presents. Show your children the joy of giving by buying or donating a Christmas gift to charity. We like to do the Kmart wishing tree each year as it’s super simple.
  7. Making Christmas crafts: Google ‘Christmas crafts for kids’ and you’ll get thousands of ideas. One of our favourites is to make our own wrapping paper. Buy a big roll of brown paper and get your kids to decorate with their handprints, painting, drawings and stickers. Not only will your kids have fun, but it will save you money and everyone will love their personalised wrapping paper.
  8. A Christmas photo: What parent doesn’t love a photo of their child sitting on Santa’s lap at Christmas time? If your child isn’t into it (or maybe a little scared) don’t worry. Maybe try a family Christmas photo shoot or doing your own at home instead. They make a great Christmas present for relatives too!
  9. Carols by Candlelight: For a great family night, out, take your kids to a Carols by Candlelight show. The big shows in the city can be a little expensive so try looking up if there is anything happening locally. Many councils run a free or low costs Carols by Candlelight.
  10. Christmas eve PJ pack: Each year I buy our son a pair of Christmas PJ’s and a Christmas movie to open on Christmas eve. Then we all snuggle up on the couch together with some popcorn waiting for Santa’s arrival (of course your kids will always fall asleep before that happens).

Do you have any Christmas traditions you like to enjoy with our kids?

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