Life in isolation has taken us out of our usual day to day routines and set us with the challenge of setting new ones, especially around the duties of homeschooling, keeping kids entertained and running a household.

Now, more than ever, during these days of COVID-19, we see the importance of being healthy and having a strong immune system.

What better way to keep the kids engaged, entertained and to build our immune system than exercise!

So, how does exercise help?

For one, physical activity helps to flush bacteria out of the lungs, decreasing your chances of getting a cold, flu or other illness.

For these reasons and many more we need to ensure we are including exercise in our new daily routines and to discuss this today we are joined by our special guest, Jane Kilkenny.

Jane is a health and fitness expert with over 25 years of experience. She is a pioneer in kids fitness, specialising in this field since 2003.


We ask Jane questions including:

  1. What are the implications if we don’t exercise enough during isolation?
  2. Why is it so important to keep up our fitness during this time?
  3. Why is it important to include family fun? What tips do you have to keep families active at this time?
  4. How do you define mindset and how do we learn to manage it?
  5. What tips do you have for an at-home cardio workout?
  6. Stores have currently sold out of a lot of Fitness equipment including dumbbells, weights etc.
  7. What are resistance bands and what can they be used for?


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