Having a baby is one of the happiest moments anyone of us can experience in life. What could be more priceless and beautiful than bringing a new life into the world?

But when the world as we know it is not in the middle of a global pandemic it undoubtedly is making the prenatal journey a little more difficult for our parents to be then it should be.

Understandably this is causing expecting mothers to feel a lot more anxious than normal.

Due to the Government jurisdiction with social distancing and isolation, many prenatal classes are now cancelled, and there are limits on the number of support people allowed in birthing suites.

We all want the COVID-19 era to stop.

But one thing for sure that is not going to stop are babies being born!

So, in saying this what advice can we offer mums to be to help manage their pre-birth anxiety during the COVID19 era of self-isolation?

Well, today we are joined with Lael Stone for some simple things that will help.

Lael is a Childbirth Educator and Co-Creator of About Birth, One of Australia’s leading online birth education programs, ‘About Birth’.


We ask Lael questions including:

  1. With pre-natal classes now cancelled across Australia, how are pregnant women feeling in general and if they can’t attend hospital or birthing classes – what are the alternatives?
  2. What would be some simple advice that you could offer for a mum to be to manage her anxiety during this stressful period
  3. How important are partners during this time, and how can they be a part of the process?


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