If I was to say, “if you do one thing today, it’s to take some time out for yourself” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

With being a busy mum or dad, you may see this as being impossible, especially with the stresses and life changes that are part of living through a pandemic.

Did you know that Beyond Blue has stated 1 in 6 women suffer depression and 1 in 3 women experience anxiety?

Also, that women suffer higher rates of PTSD and Eating disorders than men.

That said, this interview today we are going to tackle these issues and talk about the reasons why looking after yourself is so important for our mental health with our special guest Deb Harman, a certified Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator.


We ask Deb questions including:

Q1- How have you seen COVID-19 impact the lives of parents, in particular mothers?

Q2- Why is it important for Mums to put themselves first?

Q3- Why are stressful times, more important than ever to place a high importance on the health and well-being?

Q4- What are the implications for our mental health if we don’t take time for ourselves?

Q5- You’ve spent the last 10 years studying human behaviour. What have been some of your major findings?

Q6- If someone is wanting to stop passing down an inherited negative behaviour pattern to their children, how can they start to make that change?

Q7- How can this be relevant to parents being exhausted due to COVID and lockdown?


For Deb’s full article, please visit: https://kiddipedia.com.au/learning-to-take-more-makes-giving-less-draining-on-mum/


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