Self Care for Mums

Self-care was tricky to fit in before having kids, but as a mum of a 9 month old I know how hard it is to look after yourself as a mum.  When I was pregnant, I promised myself that I… Continue Reading >

Mothers deserve more than basic hygiene for self-care

Don’t get me wrong, I would love a long soak in the bath without a child slamming the door open and jumping in with me – but thinking that’s all I need or deserve as self-care – think again. Self-care… Continue Reading >

Crisis Fatigue

I have Crisis Fatigue  So, what is this condition?  Well, it is not a real documented medical condition but has been discovered that it can cause stress, low motivation, depression, hopelessness, exhaustion, and mental overload. See my go at a dictionary definition below.  Noun  Being inundated with constant disasters… Continue Reading >

Summer Holiday Routines for Families

Summer holidays are a time to enjoy the break from the regular school routine with your family. We all need some downtime, especially after the Christmas rush and the manic end to the school year! While holidays can be fantastic,… Continue Reading >

5 Achievable Self-Care Practices

Self care becomes so much more valuable when you’re a busy parent. Whether you’re between work, school drop-offs, house work, or just day-to-day mum-life, self care can be hard to schedule, let alone accomplish. It’s that special time, all to… Continue Reading >

Crisis Fatigue | Suzanne Robinson | Ep 149

  Whilst it’s not an official medical diagnosis, it is a term used to identify a human response associated with burnout due to chronic stress. What is chronic stress? Well it’s the response to emotional pressure suffered for a prolonged… Continue Reading >

Self-care Checklist for the Silly Season

Thanks to Alex Phillips – Saint Belford   With the silly season fast approaching it’s important to make sure we are looking after the most important person in our lives…. YOU. With all the extra commitments we have this time… Continue Reading >

Newborn Baby Night Feeds – How to Cope

The reality is that newborn babies generally need to feed every 2-4 hours and this is all day and all night. They have small stomachs and their milk is digested quickly so they need to refill. Many babies will wake… Continue Reading >

Why Parents Need To Make Self Care A Priority | Deb Harman | Ep 98

  If I was to say, “if you do one thing today, it’s to take some time out for yourself” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? With being a busy mum or dad, you may see this as… Continue Reading >