Celebrate mum this mother’s day by leaving her alone !!!

Two hours without interruptions, cleaning, cooking, answering questions, washing, listening to kids screaming, emails, text or other distractions.

Two hours where she doesn’t have to think about anyone but herself.

Two hours to curl up in her favourite chair and read a book
Two hours to watch her choice of movie on Netflix
Two hours to soak in a bubble bath
Two hours to sleep
Two hours to listen to her favourite music
Two hours to think and journal
Two hours to meditate and reflect
Two hours to lie in the grass and watch the clouds go by
Two hours of peace and quiet

Two hours is all it takes for her to fill her cup; feel rejuvenated, refreshed, fulfilled, restored, re-energised. So why not give mum something she really wants this mother’s day?


Nikki Lane is the author of The Change Journey; A self-awareness guide for women who think “how on earth did I end up here?”.

You’ll be amazed at how much she needs the break and we’ve made it super easy for you to do this.

The Change Journey Mother’s Day Gift Certificate is a digital download, ready for you to print and give to mum on Sunday 9th May. It entitles her to two hours to herself and even provides her with some suggestions of what to do to indulge herself.

Cost is only $4.44 AUD

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