How to Boost Toddler Confidence

Toddlers lose all day long! They’re weaker, slower, shorter, less verbal, and clumsier than almost everybody they know. They just want to win a few! You can’t protect your child from all the losses he’ll suffer while he’s growing up…. Continue Reading >

Two hours is all she needs

Celebrate mum this mother’s day by leaving her alone !!! Two hours without interruptions, cleaning, cooking, answering questions, washing, listening to kids screaming, emails, text or other distractions. Two hours where she doesn’t have to think about anyone but herself…. Continue Reading >

A New Way To Watch Kids TV

Real-time engagement are buzzwords of the moment. With the increasing pace of change built by technical innovation, it is the function of real-time interactive technology to drive flexible and participatory learning for children. Its value is gaining traction as a… Continue Reading >

Enjoying the Cuddles

One piece of advice, a lot of new mums get is to ENJOY the baby stage, enjoy the cuddles. Because it doesn’t last forever and one day they don’t want to be cuddled anymore. It goes so fast enjoy it… Continue Reading >