The Importance of Stress Management in your Preconception Period

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and not “yourself” as you try to conceive? Have you lost touch with your intention of why you want to become a mum? The truth about trying to conceive is that it can be a… Continue Reading >

How to Reawaken your Mind in Motherhood

Do you remember the last time you allowed your mind to be still? To be focused on your own emotions? Your own wellbeing? Motherhood brings many changes to a woman’s life that when her new baby arrives, her mind is… Continue Reading >

5 tips to make self-care part of your day

Too often I work with people who are feeling tired stressed and overwhelmed and like they just can’t do it anymore. Once we start to peel away the onion layers and get to the core, which is ultimately self, we… Continue Reading >

Two hours is all she needs

Celebrate mum this mother’s day by leaving her alone !!! Two hours without interruptions, cleaning, cooking, answering questions, washing, listening to kids screaming, emails, text or other distractions. Two hours where she doesn’t have to think about anyone but herself…. Continue Reading >