If you’re expecting, & or are a new Mum, & have general questions & concerns about the health benefits of breastfeeding then you’re in the right place.

Today we speak with Melanie McGrice, a leading pre & postnatal dietician, who will be answering the Top 20 questions & discuss most common difficulties new mums experience while breastfeeding.

Melanie McGrice is Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, one of the few dieticians in Australia to achieve that status.

Melanie’s success has made her an in-demand practitioner, author & conference speaker. She is a go-to resource for the media, who frequently turn to her for their articles & news segments on nutrition, fertility, pregnancy & women’s health.


We ask Melanie questions including:

  1. Is there a connection between starting formula too early & issues with allergies/eczema?
  2. At which point is a baby weaned to formula? Is it a necessity to wean to formula until the baby is able to consume solids?
  3. If a Mum is really struggling with breastfeeding, how does she know what sort of formula is best for her baby?
  4. Should a Mum be take a nutritional supplement whilst breastfeeding?
  5. Are there any foods that help promote the production of breastmilk?
  6. Should a mum avoid allergens (such as wheat, cow’s milk & eggs) whilst breastfeeding?
  7. Should Mums increase their protein intake whilst breastfeeding?
  8. Should Mums try to diet & loose weight whilst breastfeeding?
  9. Is it ok to have coffee & wine whilst breastfeeding?


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