If you’re expecting or have just arrived home with a newborn congratulations! This undoubtedly will be one of the most exciting & incredible experiences in your life.

During the newborn phase, the first 12 weeks of your baby’s life can be overwhelming – physically, emotionally, & mentally.

To help provide a gentle road map for the newborn weeks, with helpful, practical expert tips how you can set up healthy sleep habits we speak with baby sleep expert Emma O’Callaghan.

Emma is a mother of 3 & has a background as a Midwife & IVF Reproductive Nurse Specialist compliments her Certification as an Infant & Child Sleep Consultant.

Emma has over 20 years working within both a hospital & community setting & extensive experience in working with infants & children in their formative years.


We ask Emma questions including:

  1. What are some of the more common challenges parents face during the initial 12 weeks?
  2. How can parents help adjust their newborn to the outside world?
  3. What is maternal melatonin? How long does the really sleepy state last for?
  4. At what point do babies develop their circadian rhythm?
  5. How can we help babies distinguish between day & night?
  6. How long should parents keep their babies awake for?
  7. How often should you wake your baby for a feed?
  8. How can you encourage the longer stretches of sleep to occur overnight?
  9. Should you wake your baby during the night to feed?
  10. Any tips for swaddling & noise?
  11. What developments should we start to see by now?
  12. How can we help our babies with their own melatonin production?


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