I had a ‘yes’ day, a day of only saying ‘yes’ to my kids. It made me realise two things: my kids are pretty fun, and I say ‘no’ far too often.

I realised I say ‘no’ to little things because I can’t be bothered saying ‘yes’ I feel like it would be to much effort, or the kids would find themselves dirty or ever hurt.

The ‘yes’ day showed me that me constantly saying ‘no’ was saying no to them just being kids. I would spend my days outside, barefoot or up a tree. I would spin on the washing line , I would create mud pies with actual mud. A few times there was even blood- did I survive my childhood ‘yes’.

The yes day showed me that my kids aren’t wild animals and that given control of a day didn’t turn them into anything other then children getting creative, the day wasn’t at all difficult or bad. No one bled, there were no more tears then usual and it included a lot more listening.

By saying yes I played with my kids, they wrestled, they wore their clothing backwards and slippers in public, they made a tent in the lounge and they launched off the couch. They ate a little less then healthy and were a tiny bit bossy.

I learnt more about myself than I ever imagined. I need to try harder, because it’s just as easy to say ‘yes’ as it is to say ‘no.’

Here is a few things to say ‘YES’ too on a daily basis:

Can I go outside? Yes.

Can I put pillows here? Yes.

Can I wear this today? Yes.

Will you play with me? Yes.

Can we go for a walk? Yes.

Can I come with you? Yes.

Can we eat this? Yes.

Can you put your phone down? Yes.

Having a day of ‘yes’ was one of the best days I’ve had.


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