Easter Brekky Toast

During the Easter season, it’s hard not to reach for the caramel eggs and chocolate bunnies! Ditch the sweets and enjoy a guilt-free meal with this Easter Brekky Toast recipe. Filled with key nutrients and good fats, this healthy Easter… Continue Reading >

Lunch Box Ideas

Here are some Lunchbox Ideas and you can make sure your kids go to school with a tasty and healthy lunch, a few tips that can help are: Cut sandwiches and food into different sizes and shapes and smaller pieces for younger children. Cut up… Continue Reading >

Kid-Friendly Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Creating your own family traditions can be so much fun, and Valentine’s day is the perfect moment to get together and celebrate. So here’s a programme of ideas to fit into your day, crafting cards and sharing a cute themed… Continue Reading >

Cooking and Recipe Tips

Looking for simple yet tasty snack options that kids can help create? Look no further than these delicious recipes using an Australian pantry staple, McKenzie’s Bi-Carb soda. Pancakes make a great afternoon or after school snack for kids and grownups… Continue Reading >

Healthy Chocolate Superfood Bliss Balls

Nothing shouts “healthy snack” like bliss balls do. And there’s nothing better than making your own nourishing healthy nutrient and antioxidant-rich superfood bliss balls. These are always a hit at every party and the great thing about these is that… Continue Reading >

Happy Tummies helping your fussy eater

Some of us have children that are more than just fussy, like my son who has a food phobia. His food phobia developed because he had food allergies that were undiagnosed and eosinophilic oesophagitis. It was actually food that was… Continue Reading >

Benefits of Children Learning to Cook

Teaching children how to cook is a great way of developing skills they can apply throughout their life without the help of their elders. Cooking is one way to teach children math and reading. By following instructions from recipes, they… Continue Reading >

Gluten Free Orange Cake

As much as possible I try to buy fruit that’s in season and at the moment beautiful fresh oranges are plentiful. Orange cake is a great way to use them. It’s quick and easy to make and great in lunch… Continue Reading >

Choc Mint Bliss Balls

Bliss balls are a super quick and easy treat to whip up when you’re short of time. I don’t even roll the mixture into balls when time is short. I just whack the mixture into a small glass dish and… Continue Reading >