Winter has defiantly happened, and with the cold snap recently, it is a prime time to get sick.

Germs are high, noses are snotty and there never seems to be enough tissues in the house.

Our health is easy to neglect, we all have jobs to do, children to look after, a house to run and demands of friends and family. We keep on running from one thing to the next, often without pausing to catch our breath, and then BOOM! Somehow we have ended up catching a nasty bug and are all of a sudden sick and not able to move.

I imagine this has happened to most of us this winter, me, I have had this happen twice!

Just because winter is here, don’t let it get you down, spring is on the horizon and this means we need to take some time to really look after ourselves as we transition from one season to the next.

It seems just as we get used to winter, we have to start getting ready for spring, and we do. As the seasons change our bodies adjust, and this change can also see us be open to germs and getting sick.

When the seasons are changing I like to make sure I am on top of my health to make sure I am ready for what is to come. As nature changes from winter to spring, our body too has to adjust. Weather is getting warmer, the air is a little different and we start to spend a bit more time outdoors, meaning our environment is different and new germs are lurking close behind. Getting sick again is something I just don’t want to risk, so instead, I implement a few key things to my routine, making my health my number one priority. I also share these helpful tips with my teacher colleagues and little people too.


7 Saviours for Surviving the Season Switch

1.Start each day with warm water and lemon.

2.Take your vitamins (find out what you need).

3.Stay hydrated. Drink more water, including herbal teas.

4.Eat clean, whole foods most of the time.

5.Move every day in a way that serves you: exercise, walk, take the stairs, gym, boot camp, yoga…

6.Dress warmly. Fashion is fun, being sick is not!

7.Breathe in. Breathe out. Stress less.


Most importantly, just pay attention to how you feel, look after you, without this, you cannot look after anyone else.


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