Emma Mactaggart

Emma Mactaggart

This story line, in its simplest form for young children, is about wishing to have attributes that we see in others. For older children, it is about adolescence, pimples, bodies changing… Need I say more!

An ordinary, insignificant person, dismissed by all, suddenly steps to the centre stage and is revealed to be quite exceptional! Examples include The Ugly Duckling, King Arthur, My Fair Lady, Superman, Cinderella, David Copperfield, Jane Eyre. It is the domain of fairy tales because the transition from poor to rich, unknown to celebrity, unsuccessful to successful is so dramatic.

The story starts as we met a wretched character, and we see their wretched home and those who make it unbearable. Our hero goes out to the world, and it seems fabulous, but only for a moment and they are returned home. Someone reaches out to give ‘save them’ and accepting this support means independence, a final reunion, completion, fulfillment.

Considering the enormity of the tale, these two wonderful books are aiming the youngest of audiences.


The Dot by Peter Reynolds. The character flaw is her internal insecurity, and it speaks on one level to the child – ‘I just can’t draw,’ says Vashti to her teacher… and on a second level to the adult reading by demonstrating the incredible value of sage mentorship. Vashti’s teacher pushes her to explore this by making a mark on a piece of paper and signing it.







The Very Blue Thingamajig by Narelle Oliver follows a blue creature who does not fit in physically with its peers. The characteristics that make them different are used to tease it mercilessly, and it isn’t until it meets another thingamajig. Then, whilst it is not so special and unique, it has found its tribe in which to thrive!







These stories are perfectly pitched to inspire your child to follow their dreams! We love these stories as adults, as they encourage us still to persist. Writers know of successful authors who were rejected by publishers; aspiring sportsmen and women share tales of incredible adversity that their heroes overcame to be champions; businesspeople hang on to the ‘poor man’ background to then have their heroes basking in incredible wealth and success with customers.

It is a story of hope and determination, both of we need in truckloads right now!