(a visualisation for kids big and small)


Archangels are those that supervise the guardian angels and other angels here on earth.  We can call upon them at any time and in any space to help us with a variety of things, for protection, for healing, to find lost objects, for creativity and for courage, just to name a few.

In times of stress, we can particularly call on Archangel Michael for courage and for protection.  To help us face a certain situation, event or simply to get through an emotional time.  Archangel Michael is often depicted as carrying a sword and shield and is always ready to help, we just have to remember to ask.

Some general information on Archangel Michael to help you to connect to his energy include using the colours blue, purple or gold (inside your pyramid), holding amethyst, amber or sugilite crystals, burning frankincense or bergamot oil and also using the aroma of rosemary, cinnamon or chamomile.

Below is a simple visualisation for our younger kids which can be adapted for any age.  Teens and adults can use a Merkabah instead of a pyramid and those that are proficient with visualisations can see this Merkabah spinning instead of remaining still.

  • Take a deep breath in…….. and then breathe out. Centre and calm yourself.
    (Do your breathing exercises if you need to).
  • When you feel calm and ready, imagine yourself standing or sitting inside a pyramid.
  • Use your hands and arms to make a pyramid shape around you if you like.
  • This pyramid can be made of anything, brick, glass or timber and it can be see through like a window or solid like the pyramids in Egypt.
  • See yourself comfortable and happy inside this pyramid, whilst you are in this pyramid nothing can hurt you. You are safe to talk to your Guides and Angels.
  • Whilst you are in your pyramid only your Spirit Guides and the Angels can enter.
  • See this pyramid as a glowing golden colour. See rainbow colours sparkling around its edges.
  • This pyramid is your safe place. Nobody can get in unless you invite them in.
  • Invite Archangel Michael to join you and ask him to help keep you protected.
  • Ask him to help you feel confident, to feel happy and to feel safe. Tell him your problems or tell him what is worrying you.
  • Ask him to use his sword to keep you safe and to fight off any negative thoughts or bad feelings. Ask him to remove those negative thoughts and feelings.
  • When you feel that your pyramid is locked in place and you have finished talking to Archangel Michael, thank him for his help.
  • You can now start your day or finish it, depending on the time of day you do this. I suggest morning and night.
  • Remember that you can never have too many pyramids around you and it is better to have more than one than to have none so you do not need to take your pyramid down, you just need to rebuild it at least once every day.

Kim X


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