Get them to be active

Struggling to burn off your kids energy? The Ninja Parc Indoor Obstacle Course may be just what you need.

These school holidays, Ninja Parc will be running a School Holidays Program which means 3 hours of supervised playtime, allowing you to have some time to yourself if you wanted.

After the crazy year that was with the kids being stuck indoors for several months this year, Ninja Parc will help you rectify those lost hours of playtime and adventure.

From bouldering challenges, to rope climbs, spider walls and the like, your kids will be busy and entertained the whole time. There is also some healthy lunch options at the on-site cafe.

Help your kids build their confidence with their studies

There have been a significant drop in Aussie kids taking on STEM subjects, such as mathematics and it is showing in the workforce with 56% of recruiters saying that filling STEM based roles have been a challenge.

So what is the reason for the avoidant behaviour?

Once students lose their confidence in subjects such as maths, it can percolate into all other subjects and areas of life and that is why maths tutoring centre Mathnasium, have set out to help build confidence in children with their tried and tested methods of learning.

When a child builds confidence in maths and other areas that give them anxiety, their overall confidence increases and they feel so much more empowered.

Mathnasium, which plays on the word Gymnasium, allows you to bring your kids into your local anytime during opening hours and tutors will be there to help them. They also tutor online and the school holidays may be a good time to help them start getting over their anxiety around the subject.

They steer away from memorisation and repetitive exercises and emphasises teaching maths in an approachable and easy to understand way.

Depending on each child’s ability, maths is tailored in a way that puts focus on teaching it using either tactile, verbal, visual or written communication methods as well as having the tutors teach in a way and method that works best for the child. This also takes the pressure off kids who feel they need to pretend they understand in the classroom.

Mathnasium offers both online tutoring as well as face to face. They have several locations Australia wide.

Get them around nature and plants

Being in and around nature is a great way to help your kids with not only calmness, but getting them to appreciate and enjoy the world around them. Next time you go on a walk, consider asking them to spot 5-10 things that they haven’t noticed before and explain something about what they are pointing out ie. that butterfly has beautiful wing patterns and is blue. It is a good mindful activity and also is a relaxing one.

If you have a garden or room for plants at home, consider getting your kids involved in the potting, sunning and watering process/ responsibilities  It will give them a sense of responsibility for the plant and is also a good starting point to showing them the importance of plants in the environment.

Teaching your kids about calmness

Mental health rates, especially in teenagers were harrowing this year which is why getting your kids to understand mental health and give them practical exercises that can help them when they are feeling stressed is a good thing to consider.

Beth Borowsky, founder of The Karma Class, is a leading expert in working with schools to create programs that bring calm into the classroom, build resilience and reduce anxiety in both kids and teachers through yoga-based movement, breath and mindfulness.

With more kids being home schooled however, she has recently launched Karma Home Activity Cards – an innovative resource designed to bring yoga, breath and mindfulness into the home to help keep kids and families calm while supporting overall mental health and wellbeing. T

Getting your kids into yoga, interested in breath work, stretching and other calming activities over the holidays is likely to not only be beneficial to them, but also the whole family