You’ll love these no-bake Banana Nut Bites, they are healthy and super easy to make with only three ingredients.

Leading dietitian Susie Burrel says that nuts are a great source of good fats, protein and key nutrients including potassium and magnesium. Perfect for keeping kids full and happy until dinner, with no added sugar.

It’s also the perfectly portioned size for parents to give to kids who go straight to after-school sports. The pots can be enjoyed as is or with cut up fruits and veggies to dip. Enjoy dipping, spreading or eating by the spoonful!

Try the delicious three-step Mayver’s Banana Nut Bites:



2 mashed bananas

1 cup Mayver’s Protein+ Peanut Butter with Hemp seeds (Hemp provides additional protein and nutrients)

1 cup oats


  1. Blitz together in food processor
  2. Roll into balls and roll in coconut
  3. Put in the fridge for two hours to set




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