By Claire Bozikov – @minibossmum


Let’s be real for a minute – Mother’s Day and my birthday are the only two days of the year where I am treated like a queen…and I definitely embrace it to the fullest. If my birthday falls on a weekday, you best believe I reschedule all wonderful queen-related activities for the weekend – mumma ain’t missing out on the royal treatment!

So while this year Mother’s Day might be a little different with the whole family in isolation, I am aiming to keep my favourite traditions alive, but with an iso-twist of course!


Mother’s Day normally – My fave way to start Mother’s Day is with a delicious breakfast/brunch at a local café by the water, basking in the sunshine.

Mother’s Day in isolation – While I’m not lucky enough to live right on the water, I can still enjoy the sunshine in our backyard! I’m tasking the family with recreating my favourite café classic – corn fritters.


Mother’s Day normally – I reward a hard year’s work of mum-life with a spa treatment of some kind, whether it’s a facial, massage, nails etc.

Mother’s Day in isolation – I’ve stocked up this year ready to lock myself in the bathroom for some TLC with a new plush dressing gown from Best&Less, facemasks from Priceline and a DIY nail kit from eBay. Might even grab a packet of hair dye and go WILD!


Mother’s Day normally – Hubby lets me take the credit card for the whole day, no questions asked – say whaaaat?!

Mother’s Day in isolation – There is NO WAY this one is changing! We’re actually saving money on other expenses at the moment so I might treat myself to a few extra goodies.


Mother’s Day normally – I would visit my mum at some point, whether that means taking her out for a coffee and cake, or a nice stroll along the water.

Mother’s Day in isolation – Unfortunately this won’t be happening, but if she can work out how to FaceTime, that will have to do (we’ve tried and failed numerous times during isolation, so one can only hope she gets it eventually, right?).


Mother’s Day normally – We end the day by winding down and watching a movie of my choosing together as a family (kid-friendly of course).

Mother’s Day in isolation – Ahhhh nice to know some things don’t have to change in isolation.


Claire Bozikov

I’m a colourful mum of 3 kids aged 11, 9 and 5. I’m a tea addicted, fashion loving content creator who studies nursing and advocates for people with disabilities (including my son, Luca).


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