I have always loved babies, even when I was 10 years old I remember staying with friends and instantly mothering their 8-month-old baby. At any chance I got I would be the one to pick up or hold the baby. I was what you may say, born to be a mum. I saw that babies just had such a beautiful way of being, such pure love in their hearts. I loved being around them. Babies weren’t mean or horrible. They just had great beautiful energy. I didn’t understand at a young age my gift of being an empath or reading other people’s energies, just that babies gave great and wonderful energetic vibes!

I see babies as pure beings/souls, that haven’t yet been tainted by the ways of the human world. Babies are straight from source (or the Devine, God, or spirit world etc). You can choose to replace that word with what best fits for you. Their soul’s essence has no blocks or barriers stopping the flow of sources energy due to preconceived or social ideals about this world. This allows such ease with reading their energies, but also how much I can also “listen” to them, and really able to understand them.

Listening to what babies say to me, is through what I call telepathy, or thought exchanges, as well as from clairvoyant abilities. I don’t get too caught up in the why or how, just that it is.

One experience I would love to share that really highlighted this for me, was when I was visiting a mum and her 8-week-old baby. While the mum was out the room to collect a nappy, the baby was crying hysterically. So, I went to calm the baby, and instinctively placed my right hand under his head for support and my left on his legs to stabilise him. All the while this poor baby was screaming, eyes tightly shut and mouth wide open. I then very calmly said inside my head, as well as in a very soft whisper, whilst looking at his closed eyes,

“its’ ok, I’m here, and I can hear you, it is going to be ok,

I know where you come from”

I then energetically sent him love from my heart. Within about 5 seconds, this baby immediately stopped crying, opened his eyes, closed his mouth and looked at me with such recognition. I was actually shocked, as I had not had such a rapid response from a baby before when they were so distressed. I then heard telepathically as a thought, ‘itchy head’, and that his circumcision from a week ago was still paining him considerably. Mum at this point re-entered the room and said immediately and without any prompting, ‘I think he has an itchy head’. I spun my head around, while still holding the baby, and thought oh my goodness she heard him. Whether the mother also heard her baby’s voice, given to her by a thought, or through me, I’ll never know. It didn’t matter to me, this baby’s voice got heard! I then massaged the baby’s head to help ease the itchiness, which had some cradle cap, and said to the mother, ‘yes, you are right, he has an itchy head’, validating both the mum and baby. I then said that I believed that the baby was very likely to still be in pain from the circumcision. The mum said she wondered this herself but was told by the doctors it would be ok by now. Which I’m sure is often the case. But this baby was clearly upset by it. (In this instance the circumcision was a medical requirement).

Some may say this was coincidental, or gobble goop. But for me, this was remarkable, and who wouldn’t want to know what our babies are trying to say to us. We listen out for their physical cues and their different cry’s, why not take that one step further. I have always talked to babies whenever possible, some give you responses, others just that recognition with wide eyes and vocal noises or smiles. So many times, though, the mums and dads would say that they can’t believe how the baby is responding. Whatever it is, if it can help a baby be understood, then this is a good thing.

I believe that every parent does instinctively talk to their babies; learning to listen, taking in the stillness, the quiet moment, then trust what thoughts come to you at these times. Who knows, it may just be another way you can communicate. Trust that you do know your baby and learning to truly listen.

As always…listen to your instincts.  You’ve got this.


Note: I’ve changed the scenario around to protect this mum’s (friend) privacy. However, the age of the baby and essence of what occurred is the same.


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