Allerchic for Eczema and Allergy

Allerchic for Eczema and Allergy

Mums are often quite surprised when I suggest that you CAN dress for eczema success.

While my sisters were always dressing my nieces & nephew’s in super cute polar fleece PJs or onesies with all the fun superhero transfers or trendy tulle and taffeta skirts. I was the mum loving the 100% cotton bonds suit.

You see there really are fabrics that will disagree with your itchy eczema skin.

For a very long-time dermatologists & allergists would only recommend “Natural Fabrics”, but these included goat hair, silk, wool and alpaca type fibers. We now know that for a large portion of the eczema community that not all-Natural fabrics are eczema friendly. Some people break out in hives, for some its just the body getting too hot which creates an uncomfortable reaction.


So, what should you wear to minimize & ease an eczema flare up?

We now know that breathable natural fibers will set you up for success. As we all know eczema is an immune response and as part of this condition the skin rash can have trouble regulating body temperate & flare easily with salty sweat left trapped against the skin.

While 100% Cotton has long been hailed as the gold standard for eczema clothing due to its breathability. Bamboo is now the new kid on the block boasting far more superior moisture wicking properties than cotton leaving you feeling dry & comfortable. (Bamboo can also be a more friendly environmental fiber choice, as it can regenerate from roots when harvested and requires no pesticides or fertilization for growing). Bamboo usually feels a lot softer than Organic Cotton having an almost silky feel about the fabric & as we all know, if you wear something even slightly irritating with an eczema rash our kids will tear themselves apart scratching to ease that itch.

So, as we approach winter my suggestion is to always use layers of either cotton, bamboo or both when dressing your eczema baby or child. These can easily be peeled off as needed & the breathability of these fabrics will not aggravate an eczema flare up. If you absolutely MUST wear fleece or other manmade materials (such as in a school or work uniform) I would suggest wearing a cotton or bamboo layer against the skin then the uniform etc.

Trust me, your skin will Thank You!


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