How Can I Better Understand & Care for My Family’s Skin?

Often, we take the simple joys of life, including our health and that of our skin, for granted, only realising and appreciating the sense of confidence, comfort, and overall well-being it gives us once it changes. Healthy skin feels smooth,… Continue Reading >

Dry Skin Concerns? Here’s a Path to Healthier Skin

Did you know that our skin is the body’s largest organ and is more than a protective layer? It’s a living canvas, responsive and ever-adapting to the world around us. It silently narrates stories through subtle discomfort. As an expressive… Continue Reading >

Understanding Children’s Skin Struggles and Dermavive’s Solution

Skin conditions such as dry skin, atopic dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis don’t discriminate by age, posing discomfort and challenges for individuals across the spectrum. Research from the Australasian College of Dermatologists reveals a staggering statistic: over 960,000 Australians, making up… Continue Reading >

7 Steps to Beat Childhood Eczema: An Expert Guide

Eczema is a common skin issue that can cause discomfort and pain, affecting your child’s daily life. It has been estimated that 1 in 10 individuals develops eczema during their lifetime.  The prevalence peaks in early childhood between two to… Continue Reading >

Summer and Eczema: 5 Survival Tips for the Heat

It was another scorcher of a day and I couldn’t bear to think of how my little one’s skin was going to be today. Red raw, and itchy. Hot and frustrated and cranky (that was me, let alone him!)… I… Continue Reading >

Empowering Skin Wellness with Dermavive’s Moisturising Lotion

Our skin isn’t just a shield; it’s our first line of defence, a remarkable frontier that envelops and protects us. The condition of our skin not only reflects our health but also mirrors our comfort and confidence. Dry skin conditions… Continue Reading >

Eczema and Mental Health

Australia has some of the highest percentages of eczema in the world with 10-15 per cent of the population affected. This percentage includes 1 in 3 children, many of which grow out of it in time but sadly 10 per… Continue Reading >

Newborn Baby Eczema Tips: How to treat baby eczema, symptoms & causes.

Is your baby suffering from red, itchy eczema? Read our tips on how to treat newborn baby eczema, as well as learn about the symptoms, causes and winter eczema.

Eczema Awareness | Steph Holdsworth | Ep 93

  Does your little one have eczema or another atopic condition such as hay fever, asthma or allergies? If your answer is yes, you may want to listen in. Did you know that in Australia, 1 in 3 children and… Continue Reading >

Eczema Awareness

“Stop Scratching!” ….”I Can’t Help It!!!” comes Miss eight’s agitated reply! And that’s the thing, they really can’t help it. Eczema is a non-contagious reoccurring rash that it is always accompanied by itching. The rash itself can be dry &… Continue Reading >