The last trimester of any pregnancy can be full on. There is so much left to do, things to organise, appointments to attend and people who want to see you before you have your babies.

The third trimester is when your babies are stepping up its growing, putting on lots of weight and jumping around like a little monkeys inside of you. You may be starting to be uncomfortable and probably experiencing some pain here and there.

The third trimester with twins or triplets can be very exhausting on both your mind and body, on top of everything else you are feeling. During this time, you need to ensure you are taking care of yourself and getting as much rest as you can.

There are a number of things you can and should be doing during the last trimester to help both you and your babies prepare for the birth.

Delivery Plan

The risk of delivering before your due date is higher with multiple babies which means you need to be prepared for the delivery to come at any time. Make sure you have your delivery plan in place early and you discuss it with your partner, doctors and midwives. Also be aware that the plan may not be able to happen and understand all the options that you may have. Ask lots of questions and be prepared for all outcomes.


This one sounds a lot harder than it is. During the last few months, this is the time you should be focusing on you as well as the pregnancy. You need to be ready to start looking after multiple newborns at once, which means you need as much energy as possible. Take the time to have naps during the day to recharge yourself, go and get a pedicure and sit relaxing in the chair whilst it is being done. Make sure you take care of your self and work on different relaxation techniques that work for you.

Healthy Eating

Make sure that you are looking at what you are eating and try to maintain a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy. Towards the end of your pregnancy you will be burning a lot of energy, you are carrying multiple babies inside of you which are taking your energy reserves from you. Make sure you are eating a well balanced diet that is able to keep up with the high energy demand that your body has at the moment.


Book your appointments where possible on a day where someone else can come with you. This is more for a comfort factor. Having someone else being able to drive you to and from your appointments will take a lot of stress off you. It gives you a chance to focus just on the appointment and not the stress of trying to find a car spot, drive safely whilst uncomfortable and stressing about other drivers on the road. Plus, you can always go out for a bite to each with your person after the appointment.


Online shopping! That’s all I need to say!

If you are finding it hard to get to the shops and do your grocery shopping with your growing belly start doing your shopping online. It can be delivered straight to your door or even straight to your kitchen bench so all you need to do is put it away. Start buying different baby items such as nappies and wipes each week so that you have a nice supply for once the babies come. This will save the midnight servo run for wipes when you have a poo-explosion.

Ask for help

This is the most important tip for your third trimester. Ask for help and say yes when people offer it. You are going through a HUGE change to your mind and body. You are preparing for multiple newborns to come into your life. If you need help, whether it is watching your other children whilst you have a nap, or running up the shop for you – make sure you ask for it.


The third trimester can also be a lot of fun. Seeing 8-12 limbs pushing out of your belly, kicking galore and so much more. Enjoy it as much as you can.


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