By definition, a gentleman is a man with very good manners. It means that he is respectful and courteous to others. He is also polite and honest and considers other people’s needs. A child needs to be guided on good manners in order to grow up being a gentleman. How we wish it’s just that easy to teach boys how to be gentlemen.


Here are our helpful tips in raising our boys to be gentlemen

  • Be an example – Start at home, show your child how you show respect other people. Explain to them the value of being polite, kind and understanding to elders. Be aware of what you say and how you say things to others because children easily imitate.
  • Be polite – teach them polite words like “thank you”, “please”, “I’m sorry” and “excuse me”. Practice using these words at home, so it will become a habit for them. Explain to them the meaning of these words so that they will understand why it’s better to use them.
  • Be helpful to others – a simple thing like opening a door for elders and letting them walk first is a simple way of showing your kids how to be helpful. Giving up your seat on the bus for someone who is pregnant or elderly shows helpfulness and respect to others.
  • Teach them table manners – as simple as eating on the dinner table instead of eating in front of the television is the first step in teaching table manners. Teach them how to sit properly, how to put on a napkin, no elbows on the table and how to use a spoon and fork. Show them how you do it and they will follow you.
  • Acknowledge their actions – whenever your child will do something good to others, acknowledge this behaviour. Let them know what they did is something good and you are proud of them.
  • Be considerate – explain to them that they have to think of others as well. They have to consider other people’s views, opinions, and feelings. Give them a certain situation and ask them how they would feel about it and how other’s may feel.
  • Be a good listener – listen to what others are telling you. Listening is one way of respecting others. Give the other person your full attention and understanding of what they are saying.
  • Make eye contact – if they are introducing themselves in school, stand up straight, speak loudly, look straight and make eye contact. Or if they are talking with someone then it’s better to make eye contact and not to linger at anything else.
  • Show sportsmanship – show to them that whatever they do, be it working or playing, it’s always proper to be fair and just. Show them that they should be of good character and be cooperative. Have an open mind with others and always be helpful.
  •  Be honest – encourage children to tell the truth. They have to understand it’s always better to tell the truth than to cover something with a lie. Teach them not to be afraid to tell the truth and try to discipline them with caution.


Raising children to be gentlemen will start with you as parents. You will be their guide and role model. So be aware of what you are saying and how you are saying it. Your actions will also show a big picture on how you treat others and children will see and remember. Spend time to talk with them and communicate. If you want them growing up well-mannered and gentlemen make them understand the need to treat others with respect and courtesy.

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