At Kiddipedia we love innovation and partnering with companies who push boundaries to achieve the unachievable and create the unthinkable. Even more so we want to bring these companies to you; that’s just what we’ve done.

We’ve searched the globe to bring the Kiddi-community a world class experience and another Australian first.

Did you know that you can transform your children’s drawing into timeless memory and have them made into wearable art objects. Yep you heard me, your children’s drawings can be made into a piece of jewellery. 

Tasarim Takarim transform your children’s drawings into stunning handmade silver, wearable jewellery as a timeless, precious memory. 

It’s an innovative new way to keepsake your child’s creativity.

Tasarım Takarım, based in Instanbul, is the mastermind of two artist mums, Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu (painter & children art educator) and Özgür Karavit (sculptor & goldsmith).

“We believe that children drawings are the primal building stone of the children’s creativity.

The best way to support their creativity is to love, respect and give importance to their art.”

From that perspective, the idea of transforming children’s art into timeless, precious memories was born from their desire to keep the first drawings of our kids and support them.

After Özgür’s perfectly made brooch from the bull drawing of her son, they started to transform the children art into silver jewellery.

“We aimed to show children that their art is so precious and unique.”

Tasarım Takarım have been internationally recognized and repeatedly caught the attention of the international press and social media such as The Huffington Post, The Oprah Magazine, Bored Panda, Marie Claire,Professional Jeweller, The Colossal… and now Kiddipedia

As an Australian first Tasarım Takarım have partnered with Kiddipedia to give 3 lucky families the chance to have their child’s drawing handmade into a stunning silver necklace.

We’re giving away 3 Silver Necklaces custom designed by your own children from their drawings.

To enter visit our Facebook page and follow the prompts.

Good luck!

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