It’s commonly acknowledged these days, that our mindset can radically affect the course of our lives. Whether it’s the way we learn, the way we create success, react to setbacks, manage life’s stressors, and even how our immune system functions…. research consistently shows, that our mindset can either help or hinder us.

Whilst the weight loss industry has conditioned us to believe that restrictive diets are the most effective way to lose weight (and therefore improve health), conversely, embracing an ‘abundance mindset’ and ‘abundance methodology’, is by far, one of the most powerful lessons I have learned throughout my own healthy lifestyle revolution. In fact, it has proven to be my most effective overarching strategy for improving health, fitness and emotional wellbeing, for the long term!

Originally coined in the late 80’s, the ‘abundance mindset’ is having the belief that there are enough resources and successes for everyone to share. In stark contrast, the ‘scarcity mindset’ is stuck in a destructive and competitive belief system that supposes in order for one to experience success, another must experience failure, rather than there being the potential possibility of a win-win outcome.

Essentially, the mind is open with a ‘can-do’ attitude and filled with a curious sense of ‘what if’, rather than closed in a reality of ‘can’t’, ‘too hard’ and a world of impossibilities.

These concepts loosely inspired the development of my ‘abundance methodology’, which is both a philosophical and practical approach to better health and weight loss.

Having struggled with my weight, my fitness and of course my body image for almost 40 years, making incremental, yet strategic shifts in my mindset and my daily rituals enabled me to finally elevate above the old negative patterns of extreme dieting and exercising, which were also cycled with periods of extreme consumption (food and alcohol), and excessive weight gain.

I learned many lessons throughout that period, and am happy to share three highly valuable Mind Shifts that can create immediate improvements in anyone’s life:


 My Top Three Abundance Mind Shifts for Enhanced Health:


Mind Shift 1:  “I can achieve better health and weight loss with ease”.

Clear unhelpful thoughts and beliefs about weight loss and better health and embrace a positive can-do attitude backed by self-love and self-belief.

Whether it’s messages received directly from the weight loss industry or through more subliminal messages received from society or other women around us…. it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that weight loss is a hard, arduous, ‘dieting task’ that requires a steadfast resolve and forceful effort to achieve a particular outcome in the shortest possible timeframe.

Abundance methodology isn’t based on dieting or the restriction of calories or indeed, entire food groups. Instead, the mind is directed towards making selective decisions about health and that align to core values and support ultimate life visions.


Mind Shift 2:  “I am not in competition for better health and weight loss”.

Flow forward by consistently eating well and moving well, rather than racing vigorously or forcefully at specific outcomes (such as a goal weight or dress size or making someone else jealous).

Weight loss, of course, is achieved far more easily over a longer period… it’s not a competition to get there as quickly as possible. Similarly, living healthily is not an outcome or destination… it’s an ever-evolving process of refining, improving and reinforcing positive beliefs and habits throughout the different stages, and changing demands of life.

Abundance methodology isn’t based on a short, sharp sprint between a start and finish line. Instead, the mind is directed towards enjoying a lifetime of success, simply by staying on course at a comfortable and sustainable pace.

Mind Shift 3:  “I enjoy better health and weight loss by embracing good food and active movement”.

Nurture, nourish and sustain with high-quality nutrition and amplify life-force energy with exercise.

Traditional dieting and fitness regimes emphasise the elimination of ‘bad’ foods from daily menu plans and promote strict adherence to intensive, advanced level exercise programs, which ultimately does nothing but reinforce unhelpful thinking patterns, such as the ‘all-or-nothing’ approach. This common thinking style effectively undermines efforts to achieve better health, due to the intensifying sense of food deprivation and exercise burden and dread, which inevitably leads to willpower fatigue and breakdown.

Abundance methodology does not label foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and nor does it eliminate any favourite ‘treats’, ‘comforts’ or snacks. Instead, the mind is directed towards filling the daily menu with generous servings of quality wholefoods and embracing strategic opportunities to enjoy ‘treats’, ‘comforts’ and snacks.

Furthermore, abundance methodology does not aim to push the body beyond its physical capabilities. Instead, the mind is directed towards the privilege of movement, the reconnection with the ‘physical self’, and the creation of the physical capacity to boost and sustain fun, adventure, enjoyment and a high quality life.


(And that’s got to make you a happier, healthier and more engaged parent, right?!)




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