Meditate with Friends

Meditate with Friends

Meditation is here to help each of us live easier. To free us from suffering.


By showing us how to calm the mind and the body. By teaching us how to be more present, rather than worrying about the future or ruminating on the past.

And our kids are no different. Children who meditate have the opportunity to benefit even more, simply by starting from a younger age.

Let’s consider meditation in an all too common childhood scenario – schoolyard bullying.

The Bully:

The child that expresses their feelings by tormenting or intimidating another child is deflecting a lack of self-worth. They have a superficial sense of who they are, or, they’ve modelled behaviour that has taught them that the only way to feel empowered is to make another feel less.

What would happen if the bully learnt to love who they are instead? To develop self-worth and a strong sense of self. How would that change their interactions in the playground? Meditation can guide them here, to feel comfortable and worthy in their own skin.

The Bullied:

The child on the receiving end of domineering behaviour has yet to develop the self-confidence to walk away or seek help. This child is still learning the bully’s behaviour has nothing to do with them.

What would happen if this child learned that they are enough? That they are perfect just the way they are. That they don’t need external validation. Meditation can also help guide this child, in this case, to understand they are worthy of love and respect. That they are worthy simply for being.

I truly understand this situation because I experienced it firsthand. As a child who lacked self-esteem and self-concept, I believed I had less worth than my classmates who ‘appeared’ more confident, more capable, and more inspiring. So when they spoke down to me, laughed at me or excluded me, I started to believe them.

Enter meditation! Meditation changed my life by changing my perspective of my self-worth. Which sparked the drive within me to create a meditation practice specifically for children. So our kids could learn to love themselves deeply and truly, just like I did.

Meditation practices are becoming more readily available and more highly regarded because of the powerful benefits it provides. The power to make both adults and children feel happier, calmer and more content. Less suffering from five minutes a day of being truly present and understanding what it means to be self-aware and have self-respect.

Children can learn and enjoy meditation in many ones. Guided meditation is an easy way to start- you simply press play and listen. Our Meditate With Friends app has guided meditations designed only for children, voiced by children.

Our guided meditations mean your child can listen with you or alone, with the voice of a kind peer to soothe and inspire a feeling of contentment. To learn the greatest lesson meditation teaches us all:

We are enough.