Emotion Naming Games for Children

Children who have a firm understanding of their emotional experiences are more able to regulate and express their feelings in healthy ways have more positive relationships, are better prepared for learning and also have higher self-esteem. When a child struggles… Continue Reading >

Animal Behaviourist Reveals How to Help Children Express Love to a Feline Family Member

You consider your feline friend a close family member, but have you ever questioned whether your cat loves you too? New research from Fancy FeastÒ reveals that almost two thirds (64%) of cat owners aren’t recognising one of the most… Continue Reading >

Why Valentine’s Day Is Often a Missed Opportunity for Dads

Valentine’s day is celebrated as a day of romance and to express our deepest love to the people we care about. Often that’s our wives, our partners or our girlfriends. As a dad though, there is another opportunity for you…. Continue Reading >

Help! Why is my teen addicted to the screen? 

Many parents are noticing that after a period of screen time, children are often irritable and moody, short-tempered and foul. It’s not just small children – we notice this with adolescents and even adults. Most would agree: ‘Screen time equals… Continue Reading >

Clear Communication

Communication is one of the most vital components for establishing and sustaining both personal and professional relationships.  So, what exactly is it? It is formally defined as the action or process of sending (talking, texting, emailing, mailing, transmitting codes/symbols, using… Continue Reading >

5 New Ways to Avoid Parent-Teen Conflict at Christmas Time…

…and create a Family celebration that’s full of meaning, connection, and happy memories! Christmas can be a uniquely challenging time of year for parents and teens. It only comes around once, so the occasion is loaded with cultural meaning, heightened… Continue Reading >

A Dad’s Perspective on Emotions

I was naked on the shower floor, shaking, uncontrollably crying and all I could think of was how was I going to be a Dad. It was a little more than a week after my daughter Betty was born. We… Continue Reading >

Augmentative Alternative Communication

By Gabby Moloney, Speech Pathologist at Youthrive What is Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC)? AAC stands for “Augmentative Alternative Communication” (AAC) and refers to communication devices or systems that support individuals with communication difficulties. AAC supports individuals with communication difficulties by: Allowing individuals… Continue Reading >

Impacts of COVID on Children’s Mental Health | Chanel Nesci | Ep 143

  The start of the 2021 school year was unlike any other our children have ever experienced. Challenging events throughout 2020, including COVID, meant children were carrying much more than the contents of their school bags on their shoulders as… Continue Reading >

How Parents Can Help Raise Sons Who Practice Positive Masculinity

Both girls and boys are restricted by gender stereotypes. However, their experiences of gender are different. Girls whilst often valued for their appearance first and foremost are widely encouraged to be strong and step into the masculine parts of themselves…. Continue Reading >