Here are some spiritual tips and advice for taking good care of your child’s emotional needs

Addressing a child’s emotional needs is of utmost importance for their overall well-being and healthy development. Children are not only vulnerable physically but also emotionally, and their emotional needs must be recognized and fulfilled to promote their mental and psychological… Continue Reading >

Why Do Babies Love to Drop Things?

Why do babies love dropping things? The simple answer is: they’re curious and they want to see what will happen. Will the object make a noise when it hits the ground? How far will it bounce? They’re also trying to… Continue Reading >

Stop Saying “No” To Get Your Child to Listen Better

Ever feel like you are stuck in an endless cycle of, no? “No Sammy, get down from there” “No Imogen put that down” “No hitting” “No, no, no, no, NO!” It is incredibly easy to get stuck in this loop,… Continue Reading >

What causes fussy eating? 

Before I had kids, I thought there was no way a child of mine was going to be a fussy eater.  Firstly, I love food – all food (well, almost!) – and secondly, I thought since I knew all about… Continue Reading >

5 Lessons for a tidier home, that even your toddler can understand

Maintaining a home that is tidy but functional is something everyone needs to be jointly invested in. If it is one person in charge it will become too big a task and it will likely not happen, more likely creating… Continue Reading >

Why children need to play – a teachers perspective

Being a teacher is not uncommon today to have a child in your class who is busier than you. They are at before school care at 7:30 am every morning, thrown into a range of structured activities, then into a… Continue Reading >

Understanding and Nurturing Development: Key Insights into Children’s Behavior in Early Years

I have 2 children and found out that all children are different in their behaviour. They are naturally curious and test limits, especially during their early years. Children age in different ways and at different rates, and as parents, it… Continue Reading >

Expert Insights on Fostering Positive Behaviour in Early  Childhood 

Raising young children is a journey filled with joy, challenges, and countless learning opportunities. As parents and educators, understanding the ‘why’ behind children’s behaviour and knowing how to guide them positively can make all the difference.   Drawing on the insights… Continue Reading >

How to teach children about money

As parents, we play a pivotal role in shaping our children’s attitudes and behaviours towards money. This article offers strategies to nurture a healthy money mindset, model responsible financial behaviour, and empower children with practical skills for navigating the complex… Continue Reading >

Disempower the Bully by Empowering the Child

Meditation is here to help each of us live easier. To free us from suffering. How? By showing us how to calm the mind and the body. By teaching us how to be more present, rather than worrying about the… Continue Reading >