What does my child need right now? Behaviour is the best indicator!

by Dr Julie Hollitt   Being curious about the behaviour of children is to be curious about what they need and about what it is that they are ready to learn. The behaviour of children can be far more enlightening… Continue Reading >

Why Do Babies Love to Drop Things?

Why do babies love dropping things? The simple answer is: they’re curious and they want to see what will happen. Will the object make a noise when it hits the ground? How far will it bounce? They’re also trying to… Continue Reading >

Stop Saying “No” To Get Your Child to Listen Better

Ever feel like you are stuck in an endless cycle of, no? “No Sammy, get down from there” “No Imogen put that down” “No hitting” “No, no, no, no, NO!” It is incredibly easy to get stuck in this loop,… Continue Reading >

What do Marshmallows Have to Do with Your Child’s Self-Mastery?

One of the most common questions I get asked as a child and family advocate is ‘What is the best way to discipline children?’ I don’t like the word discipline, but I do believe children need boundaries. I also know… Continue Reading >


Epilepsy is a disorder of brain function that takes the form of recurring seizures.  Typically, epilepsy is diagnosed in children under 5 however epilepsy can occur at any stage across the lifespan. Seizures associated with epilepsy often occur when sudden,… Continue Reading >

Leading the Way to a Healthy Body Image

As parents, we play the most critical role in helping our children develop a positive body image and sense of self-worth. Children’s opinions of their bodies form at a very young age, and whilst it is difficult for older children,… Continue Reading >

Why children need to play – a teachers perspective

Being a teacher is not uncommon today to have a child in your class who is busier than you. They are at before school care at 7:30 am every morning, thrown into a range of structured activities, then into a… Continue Reading >

Top Tips for Preparing your Pet for the Return to Work

After spending most of the past year working from the comfort of their homes, workers are keener than ever to get back into the office, with a recent survey by Property Council of Australia finding that CBD office workplaces are… Continue Reading >

Why “I love you” is important to kids.

When I started to write this article, I thought it would be easy. Write an article about why saying I love you to children is so important. As a psychologist who works with children and adolescents, and a mum this… Continue Reading >

First Child, Second Child: The Effects of Birth Order

Susan Moore & Doreen Rosenthal   Every child is different, a unique combination of genetic tendencies and the influence of environment, including the way you parent.  Is birth order one of the factors that makes a difference to your child’s… Continue Reading >