As a Covid19-ridden 2020 races towards Christmas, it would be fair to say that many families are wondering how on Earth they are going to fund presents and festive food, let alone continue to pay the day to day bills. in the face of a national depression, with people dealing with extended lockdowns, continued separation from loved ones, losing their jobs or family payments and struggling to put food on the table, one could be forgiven for being more than a little worried about how many of us are going to afford Christmas at all.

There is, however, a powerful tool that every person on Earth has access to that can change our own realities and create endless opportunities in the face of adversity. It is called the Law of Attraction and it really is as simple as it sounds – what you ask for you receive!

The realities of our lives are of our own making; we are powerful co-creators based on what we believe about ourselves and how we fit in the world. Like attracts like – negativity will bring only more negativity into your life and positivity will bring more positive things back to you. This is the Law of Attraction and it is one of the three major spiritual laws of the Universe. This law is based on the premise that the way we act and interact, what we expect, believe and think we deserve will be delivered back to us by the Universe in exactly the same measure. So, if we think we can’t, we won’t! If we say we will never afford something, we never will. If we yell at someone, we’ll get anger back. If we smile and help a stranger, we’ll most likely get a friendly reaction. What we believe we create! So, with Christmas looming and abundance needed ASAP, it’s time to become much more mindful of our thoughts and of what we have been creating.

If you were to write down or record every thought and word that came from your mind for just one day, what percentage of it all would be positive? It is amazing how negative about ourselves we can be and how limited we think we are in the physical world. However, I am here to tell you that the Universe is always listening and that we can create abundance and happiness in our lives just by believing that we can, but we must be vigilant and watch the way we think, talk and act!

Do you believe you can have money, that you deserve to have abundance and happiness in your life? What do you say about money that is keeping you stuck in the belief that you will never have any?

Here are some of the things that I hear people saying that are only ever going to stop them from creating abundance in their lives.

I wish we could do/go/have but we can’t afford it.

When we have money, we will be able to….

I can’t get a job because I am too old. Who would want to employ me?

Money is tight this year. We can’t afford to go on holidays.

I can’t afford to buy that so I’ll have to go without.

I’m not happy, but there’s nothing I can do.

We’re broke.

What does the Universe send back to you when you are always saying “We can’t afford it, I am too old, I’ll have to go without…. “ ? Big, fat nothings!! It’s time to be positive, affirmative and focused on what you CAN have, do and afford rather than what you can’t!

The best way to create abundance and to manifest the life you want, in this case, to be able to afford Christmas, is to be grateful for what you have and to cut and cancel any negative statements. The other powerful technique is to focus unwaveringly on what you wish to manifest and thank the Universe for bringing it to you as if it as already happened!

Make a visualisation board of your ideal Christmas, i.e. presents, food, family you wish to have there, place. Find pictures or write down everything you want to create and give thanks for it every day. Then fill it with love and send it off out to the ethers.

The keys to creating an abundant mindset are belief and non-attachment. It’s like waiting for the kettle to boil, the phone to ring or the paint to dry! Attachment to money merely creates anxiety and more blockages, leading to more negativity!

So, put the Law of Attraction into positive action and have an extremely Merry and Abundant Christmas!


Victoria Cochrane (M Ed. Hons) is the Tasmanian Psychic Expo’s 2019 Tasmanian Psychic of the Year, a certified member of the International Psychic’s Directory and regular presenter of The Spiritual Wisdom Hour on Spiritual Events and Directory’s Facebook Page.

A trained Advanced Theta® Healing practitioner, Usui Reiki Master and author, Victoria uses her psychic clairvoyance, mediumship and channelling abilities to help people to lift their past trauma and limiting belief system to heal aspects of their lives in order to move forward. She also tutors people to step onto their own spiritual path, to connect to their guides and to embrace their own particular gifts.

Victoria can be contacted at