South West Wellbeing Centre

South West Wellbeing Centre

By Jay Anderson


This year is becoming quite different.  There are things that have changed, and things that are yet changing.  We are in the middle of a season – for those of us in Australia – its the middle of winter.  For those in the northern Hemisphere, its the middle of summer. Its about the time that many people begin to think of the next season.  Looking forward to what’s just around the corner……are you looking forward to change? Or worried about it??

Last month we reflected on being joyful about June, and about winter, or the varying weather……This month I thought we would continue on the theme of reflecting on our thoughts and considering ways to become more positive.

Reflecting on this year so far, and how we are coping, and responding, will assist us to better understand our responses to what happens in our world.  Last month we discussed how we can choose to have a different emotional response, and that can affect how we feel all day.  That we can choose to be reinvigorated and renewed…….  So, lets think about how you are coping with change. Depending on where you live, the last few months has been one of constant change. Maybe you were not able to leave home due to requirements implemented to reduce COVID risk.  Maybe life continued as normal, and things were not so restricted for you and your family.  Perhaps, you needed to alter your work arrangements and work from home.  Maybe your partner was unable to work and that has had impacts on your family. Some parents needed to stay home and “home-school” their children. This created additional challenges.  What was your response to the changes in the world that we live in?

Reflect on how you normally cope with change.  Are you flexible and adaptive, easygoing and carefree??  Do you need to know what is happening the next day, or week?  Perhaps you like to plan things and arrange things by detail.  Maybe you don’t mind the order that activities occur in.  We are all different,  and we all experience life differently.  So what you enjoy, experience differently or appreciate, will be different to someone else.  Consider how you can reframe things for your kids or your partner. How can you help them to be curious, to manage with change, to appreciate it or to think differently?  If we can better understand ourself, and the others that we live with, we are more likely to engage together more successfully.

            Reflect on your responses?

  • Notice your thoughts about life at the moment
  • List things that are challenging and then consider some solutions
  • Share with someone else the things that you can be grateful for
  • Plan some times with people who you enjoy to spend time with.
  • If things continue to be tough or challenging for you then consider connecting with a Psychologist, a Coach or a counsellor – someone who can provide support for you.

So, continuing on our theme of looking after you and being more aware, then notice that your perspective on things will affect your emotions and your behaviour.  Think about how your July is going to be.  Think about what you can do to help it to be different.  For more information, I can be contacted for more information on


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