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The Good Foundation

The Good Foundation was established in 2010 to focus on programs and projects that promote good health and nutrition and his since successfully delivered two key programs exclusively across Australia – Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia and Jamie Oliver’s Learn Your Fruit and Veg. Cooking is an important life skill which everyone should learn. With the right sort of information and teaching, anyone can learn to cook. Cooking empowers people to take control of their lives and health.

Our vision is to lead the transformation of Australia's food habits through advocacy, program delivery and collaboration to maximise the health, wellbeing and productivity of communities.



Easter alternatives: How to have a more balanced approached to the Easter period.

Maintaining a healthy balanced diet over the Easter period can prove to be quite tricky. Supermarket shelves are stocked with all sorts of chocolate and sweet treats which makes the temptation to overindulge harder to resist. Australian Health and Wellbeing… Continue Reading >

Easter: Healthier alternatives to chocolate treats

When people think ‘Easter foods’ they think chocolate eggs and sweet snacks – but it doesn’t have to be that way. With approximately 27% of Aussie kids are considered overweight, it’s more important now than ever that we teach our kids… Continue Reading >

School’s out! The perfect after school snacks for your little one!

The kids have gone back to school the hustle and bustle of everyday life has returned. All across Australia the sounds of “Mum, Dad, I’m hungry!” can be heard, almost like clockwork at 3pm every afternoon. It’s after school snack… Continue Reading >

Easy recipes kids can make to contribute to your Christmas feast

Cooking has got to be up there as one of the most valuable skills we can teach our children. Getting the little ones excited about food, where it comes from and how to cook it, gives them a better chance… Continue Reading >

Cooking with kids: How to get your kids in this kitchen this school holidays.

Let’s face it, the hustle and bustle of everyday life mean that quality family time can often take a backseat. These school holidays there’s no better way to reconnect and with your little ones than by cooking up some delicious… Continue Reading >

Start Them Young – Learn Your Fruit and Veg Program

At Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia, we see the positive mental and physical impacts that food education and cooking skills can make in the lives of everyday Aussies. These skills have an even more positive lifelong impact when they are… Continue Reading >

Making the most of Winter produce

When the days are short and the evenings are long, there’s nothing better than snuggling down with a warming stew, a comforting gratin of root veg or pushing the boat out with a plate of gorgeous seasonal seafood. Winter brings… Continue Reading >

Cooking for life: Why it’s vital for kids to know their way around the kitchen

With the rise of delivery services, an always-expanding range of fast-food options and our increasingly frenetic lifestyles, home cooking can easily become an afterthought. Not only does routinely choosing convenience lead to poorer health, including conditions like obesity and prediabetes,… Continue Reading >

Help your kids fight the fuzzies with super-foods that aid concentration

For growing kids, the ability to concentrate is closely linked to diet. What they consume throughout their day plays a crucial role in how well they can harness their mental energy to master new skills, retain information and stay engaged… Continue Reading >

Edible Christmas gifts kids can make  

Spending the school holidays making delicious edible gifts with your kids is a brilliant way for them to learn important cooking skills, whilst also having fun and enjoying quality time together. Build a gingerbread house, whip up a jar of… Continue Reading >

Jamie Oliver’s Nan’s Christmas Pud

Jamie Oliver’s Nan has spent years perfecting this pudding recipe. It’s lighter in colour and texture than a more traditional Christmas pudding but it’s quick and simple to make and makes a nice change. 1 large egg, preferably freerange or… Continue Reading >

School holiday fun: Keep your kids entertained in the kitchen these school holidays.

The school holidays are a perfect opportunity to spend some time with your little ones. However, for some parents, the thought of having to think of 14 days’ worth of entertaining activities is enough to send them into a frenzy…. Continue Reading >

Friday ‘Fakeaways’: How to have your takeaway…and eat it too!

Let’s face it, maintaining a healthy balanced diet isn’t always easy. There will be times when the thought of preparing lunch or dinner for your family seems like it requires far too much effort, and on these occasions, it is… Continue Reading >

Salt alternatives

Too much salt in our diets can cause water retention and high blood pressure, and can lead to an increased risk of heart disease. We all know high quantities of salt are often found in fast food, takeaway or already… Continue Reading >

Freezer Faves

Frozen meals aren’t always bad for you, especially when you make them yourself! Jamie Oliver is a big advocate for planning ahead and using your freezer to help save time when feeding your family nutritious meals. Doubling up Winter is… Continue Reading >

Including veggies in your kids’ favourite recipes

We might never know the answer to the age-old question that is ‘why do some kids have an aversion to veggies?’ Nonetheless, parents need to get creative to make sure their little ones are getting their daily dose of vitamins,… Continue Reading >

Fresh produce we’re loving this Autumn

The change of season means a whole new range of fresh fruit and veggies are at their prime! Produce that’s in season is often fresher, yummier and cheaper because it’s in plentiful supply, harvested at the right time of year… Continue Reading >

Whole family approach to food and positive mental health outcomes

Prioritising your family’s wellbeing and being conscious about what you consume at home is so important. It’s known that children who consume a balanced diet before the age of 14 are less likely to suffer from poor mental health in… Continue Reading >

Family friendly alfresco recipes

With the weather warming up picnics are back on the cards for a fun family day out. The key to a perfect picnic? Simple and delicious food that pleases both adults and kids. Think about recipes that are fun and… Continue Reading >

Making the most of Spring ingredients

Daylight savings is finally here which means brighter, sunnier evenings and long dinners outdoors. This calls for taking full advantage of gorgeous spring produce and adding fresh, vibrant pops of colour to our meals. These days we can get most… Continue Reading >

Apple & Cranberry Sauce

“A hint of apple makes this cranberry sauce the perfect partner for goose and duck, as well as turkey” INGREDIENTS 500g cranberries, fresh cranberries or frozen ones, thawed 2 large cooking apples, peeled, cored and cut into chunks 150g golden… Continue Reading >

St Clement’s Butter Biscuits

These biscuits are super easy to make. I’ve added an egg which might seem unusual for a biscuit dough, but it really helps to give you that lovely light texture. INGREDIENTS 125g unsalted butter, at room temperature 100g caster sugar… Continue Reading >

Prepping your Freezer for ‘New Mum’ Life

  It’s no secret when you become a mum, feeding yourself becomes your last priority. Whether you’re learning the ropes of motherhood for the first time, or you’re juggling more than one, the last thing you want to thinking about… Continue Reading >

Homemade VS Pre-packaged Snacks

  Over the past 30 years, pre-packaged and heavily processed foods have sadly become the increasingly popular choice for time-poor parents.  Pre-packaged foods are seen as a convenient, time-saving and are often perceived as being the cheaper choice. However, consuming… Continue Reading >

Lunch boxes with Purpose

To put it bluntly, 27% of Australian kids are overweight or obese and they will be the first generation to not outlive their parents. The modern lifestyle has a massive role to play in the current growing health crisis –… Continue Reading >

Jamie’s top 5 freezer must-haves for every home cook

Our freezers can be a treasure trove of leftovers – made up of helpful last-minute meals and half eaten frozen peas. To help keep us organised, eating well and getting the most bang for our buck, here are Jamie Oliver’s… Continue Reading >

Incorporating food skills in everyday life could be the key to improving your kids’ longterm health

All parents are familiar with the ‘juggle’ – trying to balance kids, family, work, life and home. But, throw a global pandemic into the mix and parents are facing a whole new world of challenges ­– but, amongst these are opportunities. We’re… Continue Reading >

Jamie’s five food philosophies for feeding your family

Around 3:00pm is when the thought pops into most of our minds, Gosh – What am I going to cook for dinner?!” The contents of our fridge and pantry start spinning in our minds as the dread of eating the… Continue Reading >

Keep calm and cook cleverly

Who would have thought we would ever reach a point in our history where we would be fighting over toilet roll and tinned spaghetti? Watching the Prime Minister’s press conference felt like a visit to the Principal’s office – ‘stop… Continue Reading >

Jamie’s Top Lunchbox Tips

‘Lunchboxes made by The Good Foundation’s ambassador George Georgievski aka School Lunch Box Dad’ If your lunchbox creativity begins and ends with a sambo and snack, these simple and cost effective tips could help change all that. The best part?… Continue Reading >



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