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The Good Foundation

With the weather warming up picnics are back on the cards for a fun family day out. The key to a perfect picnic? Simple and delicious food that pleases both adults and kids.

Think about recipes that are fun and colourful to keep kids interested and are big enough in flavour that the adults will love them too. Try homemade hummus with crunchy veg for dipping or gorgeous grilled chicken skewers. Fresh salads full of seasonal produce are a staple, just don’t let the dressing turn the leaves soggy. Our top tip – bring your dressing along in a jam jar.  Don’t forget to pack some focaccia bread for mopping and dipping, the less leftovers to bring home the better!

Don’t forget dessert! Some fresh fruit along with easy to eat sweet treats like slices and simple tarts will be the perfect end to your meal. Enjoy the outdoors, remember homemade is best and make the most of the fabulous seasonal ingredients available.

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