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The Good Foundation

We might never know the answer to the age-old question that is ‘why do some kids have an aversion to veggies?’ Nonetheless, parents need to get creative to make sure their little ones are getting their daily dose of vitamins, fibre and nutrition.

Fact – Everyone loves pasta

Pasta sauces are most parent’s go-to when trying to sneak in some extra daily serves – the smoothness makes for the perfect disguise! Whether you go for a classic spag bol’, a pasta bake or pasta with a veggie-packed soup, your kids are bound to be impressed and not even notice the extra goodness you’ve added.

  • Classic tomato sauce – Packed with carrots, celery and zucchini, this is the perfect start to any Bolognese.
  • Hidden veggie pasta – For a meat-free option, blend this delicious combo up and add to penne, spirals or spaghetti.
  • Mac and cheese – This recipe is a Christmas classic in Jamie Oliver’s household, and we can see why! If you have a fussy eater on your hands, mash up the cauliflower before adding.

Fact – Everyone also likes pizza

While we’re on the topic of Italian classics, pizzas are always an exciting novelty for kids – especially on a school night! Whether you’re adding the veg in the sauce or the base, you can always squeeze in more with the toppings!


For more tips on how to encourage your kids to love their veggies, check out Jamie’s Ministry of Food’s online and face-to-face classes.

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