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Fussy Eater Solutions

Fussy Eater Solutions

Marie-France is a Dietitian-Nutritionist and Counsellor originally from France. She is married to an Aussie and has lived in Australia for almost 20 years. She has 3 children, all in their late teens- early twenties.

She is the founder and CEO of Fussy Eater Solutions and offers a range of online and in-home programs to support fussy eaters and their families.

Her first encounter with extreme fussy eating happened in Australia. Some of her nephews were struggling to accept some foods, to the point of vomiting. She has compassion for families going through the heartache and anxiety that fussy eating causes to children and their parents.

Marie-France believes that mothers in particular are often not getting the support they need when faced with feeding difficulties. In her work she uses her counselling skills as much as her nutrition skills to help families (re)gain the joy of eating.

As a home economist and a “wholefoodie” she shares numerous family recipes via instagram.

She co-hosts mums supported, a free Facebook group, which is focused on raising confident eaters and great sleepers. She writes blogs on fussy eating, self-regulation and more.

To find out more about her programs and blog check out her website.



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