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Fussy Eater Solutions

Covid-19 is public enemy number 1 at the moment and following advice from Health Gov and AMA is the sensible thing to do. Hygiene and social distancing are effective action we can all take right now.

Yes but can I boost my immune system?

In such a context it is only fair that many of us are thinking about “boosting our immune system”. I will use “boosting” interchangeably with “maintaining”, “optimizing” and “strengthening” because there is no scientific proof that you can just boost the immune system or turbo charge it. In fact if you are tempted to buy nutritional supplements please note that taking excess vitamins or minerals can be detrimental to immune function (Calder and Kew, 2002). There are warnings out there against falling prey for miracle cures.

5 One-pot Dishes to Strengthen your Immune System

In all the work I do I take a holistic approach, cooking and absorbing nutrients from the foods we eat is the best of strategies to maintain a healthy immune system, so I am encouraging everyone to cook with their children, during those challenging times! Cooking with children is the best way to familiarise children with a wide range of food!

A good nutritional status is necessary to help maintain the immune system and the following nutrients have been identified as essential.

  1. Vitamins (A, beta-carotene, folic acid, Riboflavin, B6, B12, C, E, D)
  2. Minerals (Iron, Zinc, and Selenium), and
  3. Dietary lipids.

Here are 5 one-pot recipes that provide those essentials:

Serve all those meals with raw fresh fruit or vegetables to provide vitamin C. When you serve a salad add a drizzle or olive oil and flax seed or walnut oil, nuts, seeds, brazil nuts.

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