By Dean Gladstone

  1. Functional Breathing is linked to better facial development in kids, proper breathing is improved aesthetics which are more functional. So the reverse is true also improper breathing is dysfunctional which affects facial development negatively.
  2. Functional Breathing is linked to better sleep which is where its believed we consolidate memory and learning whilst, is not exactly all mapped out by scientists the ability too recall and access new learned information is essentially downloaded in our sleep.
  3. Functional breathing is functional movement! If you don’t breathe properly you don’t move properly and that means you might not be performing at your best!
  4. Functional Breathing decreases your chances of getting sick.  (This includes covid there has been several studies done on it recently.)
  5. Breathwork is meditation for those who can’t meditate. The process of slowing down lets the body recover and rebuild which is essential for long term growth

Power of Breath- what to expect

What if you could save your life by simply changing the way you breathe??

World Famous Lifeguard Deano Gladstone from Bondi Rescue has saved thousands of lives with the Power of the Breath and is an expert in teaching adults and children how to optimise and recognise breathing patterns which demonstrate dramatic changes in their lives.

It is key to good health, wellbeing, high performance and helps prevent illnesses including asthma. He has used breathwork to heal his own asthma and also to improve his cold water tolerance which has helped with his immunity and circulation.

When we breathe well, allergies and sleep disruption can be alleviated and we can avoid common respiratory dysfunctions.

In this course, we aim to improve your optimal breathing habits and also show you how to use breathing techniques to enhance all aspects of your life.


Dean is a Wim Hof Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Fitness Trainer and Lifeguard. Breathing well and optimally is key for all aspects of life but the focus on the breath is the main connection between these modalities. He is joined in this course by Katy Graczer who is Dean’s partner and a highly experienced yoga teacher and breathwork facilitator.

This course will guide you through a range of modalities featuring breathing techniques from many different teachers. It is not specifically a Wim Hof Method course but will support any existing or future breathing practice and will help you understand the fundamentals of functional and energetic breathing.