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Writing in a journal can help your child to communicate their emotions and ideas, process their feelings and build up their writing skills. It encourages children to write things down to recount daily activities and any feelings surrounding these. It is particularly beneficial for children who are reluctant to speak.

There are three main benefits of journaling. It can help your child:

  • Deal with feelings

These developmental years can be filled with lots of new experiences and emotions for young ones. Keeping a private journal can be a safe place to write down those feelings. Many children fare better when they can express their thoughts and ideas in a non-judgemental place and can help them to process feelings. Let your child pick out their own journal and explain that this is a safe place for them to record their feelings and it will be kept private.

  • Improve communication skills

Jotting things down in a journal can help your child communicate ideas through writing. Sometimes, children find it easier to express themselves by writing rather than speaking. Your child will have to select precise words from their vocabulary to communicate their thinking on matters. In addition, they also get good practice at handwriting skills. To get your child started, you could begin by writing down a question such as ‘How was your day at school’ and then allow them to respond back.

  • Develop their writing ability

Journaling helps build writing skills as it encourages your child to discover open-ended writing, not just a one-off piece but daily. The more we practice anything, the better we get. Sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary will all improve through regular writing. What’s more, you may just spark a fire in your blossoming writer!

Not just for kids!

As adults, we can also benefit from journaling. Just like our children, we experience difficulties and using a journal as an outlet can be a helpful tool to put situations into perspective and process challenging emotions.

Journaling for kids is full of educational and emotional growth opportunities. Why not try it out by introducing them to this new tool?

That said, if your child seems to be struggling more than usual with expressing their thoughts and emotions, it may be time to seek professional help. At Positive Mind Works, we have a team of experienced psychologists, many of whom are trained in providing help and support for children. To learn more, contact our reception here or by calling 1800 327 477.